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DIA Secret Programs / Coral Castle Mysteries

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Retired U.K. Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope recently obtained and published a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) letter to Congress about the Pentagon's UFO program, AATIP. In the first half, he addressed these bombshell revelations and their implications. He was sent the letter and documents from the DIA at the same time a number of other researchers received the materials via the FOIA. In addition to their investigation of UFOs, the Pentagon program was looking at such sci-fi sounding subjects as traversable wormholes, warp drives, alternate dimensions, stargates, and invisibility cloaking.

Now that these documents are in the public domain, it seems that the US government is showing more openness on topics that go beyond AATIP's stated goal of evaluating aerospace threats, Pope indicated. Through acclimatization from movies and media, as well as widespread coverage over stories like AATIP, the public has grown accustomed to the idea that we may co-exist with aliens or non-human intelligences, he noted, though the forms of the visitors may be more akin to AI than biological beings. He also talked about how USOs (unidentified submersible objects) have been hugely underreported as Air Force cases have tended to dominate over Navy water sightings.


Independent researcher R. L. Poole has spent fourteen years studying the mysterious Coral Castle, composed of megalithic stones. Focusing on small details, he has found clues which he believes can unlock how Ed Leedskalnin (a 100-lb. man) was able to create the Coral Castle working alone. He's concluded that the purpose of Coral Castle's construction was as a kind of proof-of-concept for Leedskalnin's secret technology. The "Tesla of magnetism," Leedskalnin was convinced we live in a magnetic universe, said Poole. Turning gravity on its head, he was able to "para-magnetically" move the giant coral rocks by choosing celestial alignments (such as during a syzygy) that create specific magnetic conditions, he continued.

Poole praised Leedskalnin's acute powers of observation and reasoning. He used simple tools to teach the profound such as with the Polaris telescope, a sextant made out of stone that shows the North Star Polaris in one of four crosshairs, one for each season. Leedskalnin may have been trying to enhance his physical form with excess magnetism, Poole added. He wore shoes that had metallic bottoms and had a pith helmet which may have been enhanced with magnets. For more, including photos, check out this recap from Poole's 2017 show appearance.

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