R.L. Poole

R.L. Poole


R.L. Poole is an independent researcher, author and speaker who has spent the past decade and a half scrutinizing the cryptic written works, and mysterious monument left to us by the late Edward Leedskalnin. His book "The Leedskalnin Codex: Breakthroughs In Understanding the Coral Castle" is at once the culmination of these years of work, and the beginning of a line of thought that takes the scientific ideas and teachings of Leedskalnin seriously, with eye-opening results.



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Astrology Forecast / Other Side Communications
Astrology Forecast / Other Side Communications
Professional astrologer Leslie McGuirk discussed how to use astrology to improve our lives, and her predictions for the rest of 2024. Followed by artist Laurie Majka, who spoke about messages she has received from the Other Side.


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