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R.L. Poole

R.L. Poolepicture


R.L. Poole is an independent researcher, author and speaker who has spent the past decade and a half scrutinizing the cryptic written works, and mysterious monument left to us by the late Edward Leedskalnin. His book "The Leedskalnin Codex: Breakthroughs In Understanding the Coral Castle" is at once the culmination of these years of work, and the beginning of a line of thought that takes the scientific ideas and teachings of Leedskalnin seriously, with eye-opening results.



Past shows:

Online Education / Coral Castle Secrets

Prof. Bryan Caplan discussed changes in education during the pandemic, and homeschooling. Followed by R.L. Poole on mysteries of Coral Castle, including encoded secrets. More »

DIA Secret Programs / Coral Castle Mysteries

Nick Pope reported on newly revealed secret DIA programs. Followed by R. L. Poole on the mysterious technology of Coral Castle. More »

GMO Foods/ Mysterious Coral Castle

Author McKay Jenkins delved into GMO foods from both sides of the debate. Followed by RL Poole, on his studies of the enigmatic Coral Castle. More »


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