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Gun Rights / Psychic Clairvoyance

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In the first half, political commentator and economist John Lott talked about the data surrounding gun crime and pending gun control legislation. He offered critiques of two proposals being pushed by Democrats in Congress-- Universal Background Checks and Red Flag Laws. The problem with the enhanced background checks and added $125 transfer fees (as in the Gabby Giffords bill) is that it would unfairly target the law-abiding poor and minorities, Lott contended. With the added fees, this could make a gun purchase unaffordable to the folks most in need of one to protect themselves.

The Red Flag law (now in 12 states) seeks to keep dangerous people from having access to weapons. Guns can be removed from an individual by a judge's order (rather than a hearing), simply based on the statement of one person that the gun owner may pose a danger. While he understands the motivation behind this, he believes this takes away due process and creates the possibility for unintended consequences, such as situations where guns are taken away from good people. According to Lott, there is no evidence that these laws will save lives in the case of mass shootings.


In the latter half, author and "time traveling" clairvoyant, Louise Hauck discussed the nature of time and telepathy. She related how she uses her higher self in expanding her awareness to include "non-local" consciousness. These techniques allow her to communicate with those who may not be able to verbally respond such as people with dementia, autism, coma, and stroke. In a case where she "telepathized" with a dementia patient who had stopped eating, she found out he was still hanging on because he wanted to relate some of his wartime stories to his family, as well as enjoy an inherited gold Cadillac.

The spirit sometimes operates ahead of the physical self, said Hauck, and this is what can account for the experience of deja vu. Sharing what she called the "fishhook technique," she suggested calling out to a future moment and feel it hooking in. "You set forth your intention, and then shift your attention," periodically feeding it with emotion about how wonderful it's going to feel, though you don't need to fill in specific details. "That will activate a series of synchronicities that starts to magnetize you through those events," she detailed, and anchor you to your desired future.

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