Protecting the Grid / Diabolical Haunting

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Protecting the Grid / Diabolical Haunting

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In the first half, Dr. Peter Pry discussed the continuing threat of EMPs (electromagnetic pulse) and solar flares, which can harm or take out the electric grid. The North American Electrical Liability Corporation (NERC) is supposed to help protect the grid but it's really a powerful lobby group for the electric power industry, he cited. "They don't want to spend any money on protecting the grid against EMP, cyberthreats, or sabotage," he stated, "That's why...federal or state regulation is necessary to compel them to do the right thing to protect the American people."

Pry is hopeful that President Trump will write a strong executive order on EMP, but if the lobbyists and 'Deep State' bureaucracy fend off such efforts, individual states are not powerless to make changes, he noted. Maine, California, and Virginia have made good starts with their own legislation, and Texas has a promising bill pending, he reported. The 'Critical Infrastructure Protection Act' can be invoked by a state, he explained, to get help from the federal government. In terms of home preparedness, Pry recommended having at least a year's worth of food (preferably canned), an electrical generator that runs manually (if it turns on automatically it may be damaged during an EMP), and spare gas for your car. The Civil Defense Book by Michael Mabee is a valuable resource for emergency preparedness, he added.


Author and researcher G.L. Davies investigates and reports on the paranormal and the unexplained. In the latter half, he spoke about one of the most diabolical hauntings he's encountered, in which an indescribable entity ripped apart the lives of tenants who lived in a 120-year-old home in Wales. Davies and his girlfriend stayed in the house in 2002, and after three months, his life was left in tatters-- he'd become an alcoholic, his relationship had broken apart, and he was so depressed that he eventually attempted suicide. Davies blamed this on the hostile entity in the house, which seemed to feed and thrive on negativity and misery. The couple became aware of the presence early on when they were awakened by crashing sounds one night. Thinking a burglar had broken in, instead, they discovered objects in the living room had been moved around in a poltergeist-fashion, such as a group of CDs forming a spiral pattern.

He detailed how they brought in a physical medium named Rose to cleanse the home. She described the entity as a "top of the food chain" parasitic being that had entered through a tear in our reality. The being, she added, was connected to a giant hub, and "seeped" into homes all over the world. Rose subsequently died from cancer, and Davies believes her illness may have been brought on by her interactions with the entity. After moving out of the house and publishing a book on the experience, Davies met a couple named Dai and Anne who lived in the same house from 1989 to 1991 and reported being similarly terrorized.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Catherine Austin Fitts, Mike Bara

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