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IRS Revelations / Out-of-Body Experiences

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Regarded as one of the country’s premiere experts in IRS procedures, Daniel J. Pilla has helped thousands solve intractable tax issues. In the first hour, he discussed new privacy-invasive software that the IRS has contracted with Palantir for that will allow the agency to assimilate and analyze massive amounts of data on individual citizens. The data sets include not only tax and finance filings, but social media postings, emails, phone records, plus banking and credit card data, he cited, adding that their goal is to leverage the information to decide on who to audit. Pilla suggested that the US has not moved toward a simpler tax system like FairTax because Congress likes to pick economic winners and losers in the marketplace, giving favorable tax considerations to select businesses or activities.


During the middle two hours, researcher and author Marilynn Hughes detailed her numerous out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and what they have taught her over the years, including insights on ghosts, karma, ETs, and the afterlife. One's vibrational state determines how the mystical realm is experienced, she explained, and when a person goes out-of-body their vibration is raised up from their normal material state. The real purpose of OBEs is for the purification and evolution of the soul, she said. This mystical state, she continued, helps us understand the things in our life we need to accomplish or overcome, as well as creates opportunities to commune with guardian angels and extraterrestrial alliances.

During an OBE, she recommended people discipline their consciousness because excitement or fear can send a person back into their body before they can fully experience the spiritual realm. Hughes talked about her work helping forlorn spirits or ghosts, who can become stuck in a circular pattern, reliving or replaying moments from their lives, and need guidance or encouragement to move on. The fourth realm or astral plane has a similar variety of good and evil elements we see in the physical world, she noted, so generally out-of-body travelers want to bypass that for the more beneficent higher spheres.

In the last hour, Open Lines featured callers sharing their "weird stories."

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Stan Deyo

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