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Occult scholar and Coast friend Mitch Horowitz returned to discuss the extraordinary powers of thought to reshape your world and bring you happiness and power. In a special three-hour conversation, he explored mental healing, spontaneous ESP, how your mind can make you younger, and many other topics. He offered a new mental challenge for the next time you feel picked on or mistreated by someone. Don't do anything to modify your outer behavior, he suggested, just change your inner talking. "Demonstrate to yourself within that you are an assertive person...who is deserving, and commanding of respect," he explained, and this can change your life, as when your inner perception of yourself changes, others can sense you are no longer an easy target. "This is the ESP of day-to-day life," he added.

Thoughts have an extra-physical capacity, and the mind is never without tools, even in the face of adversity, he remarked, and this is leading us to a revolutionized view of humanity. In terms of how the mind works, rather than manifesting events, he views everything going in our lives as stemming from making localized selections from an infinitude of possibilities. These are the things we choose and focus on, and this correlates with quantum experiments that show how the mind plays a role in determining reality.

Horowitz shared three factors to enhance luck in our lives: sought after opportunities are more likely to occur if you circulate among large numbers of people; you must have one definite aim or goal, which helps focus what you bring into your life; and you must be persistent as the wave of luck may come at different cycles in your life. He also talked about how in the hypnagogic state (just before and after sleep) the mind is particularly primed for setting affirmations or intentions. Next week, Mitch will be giving three presentations at the Manly P. Hall school in Los Angeles (more info).

Humanity's Tipping Point

In the first hour, former Minister of National Defense in Canada, Honorable Paul Hellyer, now 95, spoke about why he feels humanity is at a tipping point with the threat of world war and nuclear weapons. "The time has come to say loud and clear, war is obsolete," he declared. "We can't have another war because it could wind up as being doomsday for the people of Earth." Instead, he continued, "let's start dismantling these terrible weapons and do something positive, such as try stopping global warming before it's too late." Regarding UFO disclosure, Hellyer advocated for amnesty for whistleblowers so that they can freely come forward and reveal what they know.

Note: Linda Moulton Howe and her investigative reports will return next month.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Jeff Nelken

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