Cinema Symbolism / Stonehenge Priests

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Cinema Symbolism / Stonehenge Priests

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If you think the numbers associated with James Bond, 007, was just a series of numerals with no meaning, think again. Researcher Robert W. Sullivan joined guest host Richard Syrett during the first half of the show to delve into the esoteric meaning encoded in many popular Hollywood films. Sullivan recounted getting started analyzing film after he discovered the movie National Treasure with Nicolas Cage was actually a Masonic rite. "There's a whole lot more than meets the eye," he said, referencing other movies with occult imagery and esoteric themes.

According to Sullivan, filmmakers encode symbolism into their work as a way of creating modern mythologies. He examined Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, which plays with the concept of endless cycles as well as the numerology of 12 and 42. "What [Kubrick's] trying to do with your subconscious mind is manipulate it and convey this idea of repetition and reincarnation," he said. Sullivan also spoke about author Ian Fleming, who penned the James Bond stories. Fleming was influenced by Aleister Crowley and likely took the numerical identity of James Bond, 007, from the signature of Queen Elizabeth's spy and magician John Dee, he revealed.


In the second half of the program, Maria Wheatley, a second-generation dowser and authority on earth energies, revealed how she uncovered evidence (through dowsing) for an ancient race of long-skulled people who built Stonehenge and other megalithic sites of the Salisbury Plain. According to Wheatley, an arrangement of standing stones can amplify earth energies. "They were very particular, the ancients, into what type of stone was used - ones that have quite a high crystal content," she said. The stones were placed where they could absorb and transfer earth energy into an aerial form which could be transmitted to other ancient megalithic sites, Wheatley explained.

The Salisbury Plain is an elevated landscape of power unlike anything else in the British Isles, and that is where the ancients decided to build their spiritual capital, she continued. The long-skulled people were an advanced race, with their own culture and advanced civilization, whose skulls worked like antennae for the low frequencies of the earth energy transfer at ancient sites including Stonehenge, Wheatley added. "They laid out the earth energy system and the ley line system because they aligned them in particular formations and straight lines that are on leys," she said, noting how their sensitivity to this energy was unparalleled.

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