Food Revolution / Energy Codes

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Food Revolution / Energy Codes

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The modern industrialized diet is the primary culprit behind heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and obesity with a massive study finding 11 million deaths worldwide last year. Ocean Robbins, CEO of the Food Revolution Network, joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) in the first half to discuss his mission to transform the industrialized food culture into one that supports healthy people and a healthy planet. Robbins' father, John Robbins, walked away from taking over his father’s company as president of the Baskin-Robbins corporation to write the acclaimed book "Diet For A New America," which outlined a radically different way of eating for a healthy life. Ocean Robbins carries on his father’s work, crusading for an end to GMOs, pesticides, and factory farms, which he says are all part of the "toxic food culture" in which we live.

Robbins said that most physicians do not learn about diet in medical school, which he says would prevent many of the diseases that their patients suffer. He also pointed out that "we are strip mining our oceans and our fish stocks are being seriously depleted," and suggested that those who eat fish should concentrate on the smaller species, since they are lower on the food chain and would not have concentrations of harmful chemicals that fish such as tuna and swordfish might. Robbins is a tireless advocate for locally sourced food and growing your own in a home garden, saying that "if half the lawns in the country were converted to food production, we would increase food production by 30%." He also touted chocolate as a superfood, but added that dark chocolate was best for cutting the risk of heart disease.


The Energy Codes are a set of principles and practices people can use in their lives to tap into their authentic selves to realize deeper states of awareness. In the second half, Dr. Sue Morter talked about how these codes are based on quantum and traditional science, woven with ancient wisdom and contemporary thought. She said that in her childhood, she knew that she could see things that others could not, but gradually suppressed this ability. Then, while at a meditation retreat, she spontaneously experienced "another reality that was a greater dimensionality," and that this was so profound that afterward, normal waking life "looked like a postcard." At that time, her goal was to experience this state at will.

In the course of many years of research and experience with her patients, Morter developed a system that addresses the issue of "energy not flowing through the body as it is supposed to." She believes that she has seen direct evidence of these techniques in hieroglyphs in the ancient tombs of Egypt, as well as the methods used to build the monolithic structures of ancient Peru. Morter says that her method allows us to "start turning on and turning off different components of our DNA" and effect healing of physical and emotional injuries or imbalances. This transformation can come in an instant through a technique she called the "quantum flip."

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