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Antarctica Mysteries / Healed by ETs

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Rumors of secrets and wonders beneath the Antarctic ice have captivated author Brad Olsen. He recently made a trip to the frigid continent to research its possible massive structures, including discs, pyramids, and other enormous architecture under the thick ice. In the first half of the program, Olsen joined guest host Richard Syrett for an update on what he uncovered during his travels to this remote part of the world most people have never seen. He called a specific sector of Antarctica the Illuminati Disneyland as it has apparently played host to some of the world's most notable elite.

According to Olsen, a data dump of tracking info from Fitbit and Strava shows human activity in regions where very few people go. "We're suspecting what they're going to see could be... a giant disc under the ice that continues to expand, being more open because of the melting ice," he said. The massive 3-mile wide disc could be under the Union or Beardmore Glaciers, Olsen speculated, noting Google Earth has masked that region. "There's also evidence there could be an Antediluvian civilization down there," he revealed, adding the area has a grid for a city and various pyramids. One researcher he spoke to also confessed to UFO and orb sightings near the Belgrano II Base.


During the second half of the program, UFO researcher Preston Dennett presented cases of people who claimed to have been healed by extraterrestrials. According to doctors, these UFO healing cases have been verified by doctors and leading UFO researchers, including Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, and John Mack, and represent incontrovertible evidence of the UFO/ET reality. "They can come into your bedroom and heal you, while you're out driving — there are a number of cases in which people have been healed inside hospitals," he said.

Dennett shared the case of Jim Schaffer, whose medical records show he had been diagnosed with cancer. After an encounter with an orb that entered his body, Schaffer's neck tumor disappeared. Surgery to remove tissue there showed no trace of cancer, Dennett reported, adding he has seen 40 documented cases of patients healed of cancer by the power of UFOs. He shared the case of a police officer in Texas struck by a beam of light which healed an animal bite he had on his arm. There are numerous other incidents of people hit by beams of light and healed of everything from the common cold to major injuries, and in one instance a man even grew new teeth, Dennett revealed.

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