Science of Remote Viewing / Afterlife Evidence

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Science of Remote Viewing / Afterlife Evidence

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In 1995, Statistics Professor Jessica Utts was appointed to evaluate remote viewing for espionage applications in the Stargate Project, which was funded by the CIA and the DIA, and carried out initially by Stanford Research Institute. In the first half, she discussed her study of remote viewing, and how it works. She defined remote viewing as acquiring information that is distant in space and/or time using a kind of psychic protocol. While anyone can learn this technique, she's found that only about 1% of the population will be skilled at it. As a statistician, she uncovered clear evidence that remote viewing actually produced results, even though the government shut down Project Stargate (mostly a political decision, she said).

Subsequently, experiments in presentiment and precognition (such as the work of psychologist Daryl Bem) have demonstrated a genuine effect, Utts reported, although a small group of scientists continue to deny the validity of these claims. She'd like to see psychic phenomena get a fairer shake in the scientific community, where stigma still surrounds the topic. Remote viewing could be related to the way precognition works, she suggested, adding that there is nothing in the laws of physics that prevents time from flowing in both directions, and in the quantum realm, the involvement of consciousness is required to observe it.


In the latter half, author and afterlife expert Sandra Champlain presented research and findings that suggest there's a continuation of experiences after death. In deathbed visitations, just before someone passes on, many accounts describe the seeing of other realms or deceased loved ones coming for them. She detailed Dr. Allan Botkin's Induced After Death Communication (IADC) technique where people enter into a therapeutic zone communicating with the deceased, as well as intriguing recordings of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), which Champlain was able to gather herself (several voices on her recording said "goodnight" as she mentally reached out to her departed grandparents).

Some evidential mediums have artistic gifts, she reported, and make sketches or pictures of loved ones often depicted as their younger selves, which they choose to manifest as after passing. Champlain recounted the work of certain physical mediums, who, while strapped into a chair (to prevent possible fakery) produce an ectoplasmic substance in which "spirit bodies can actually step into it and become real again." She also spoke about the fascinating spirit images that Brazilian afterlife communicator Sonia Rinaldi has captured, by filming turned off computer or TV screens.

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