Moving Off-Planet / Dying Process / Ancient Anomalies

Moving Off-Planet / Dying Process / Ancient Anomalies


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMichio Kaku, Julie Ryan, Billy Carson

In the first hour, theoretical physicist, author, professor, and popularizer of science, Michio Kaku, spoke about the necessity of humanity developing a sustainable civilization in outer space. While the destruction of Earth via solar changes may be billions of years away, our planet could be hit by extinction-level asteroids or supervolcano explosions much sooner; thus for the continuation of the species we should begin exploring space-faring alternatives, he argued. One of the best candidates for the immediate future is Mars, he cited, and if the temperature could be raised there by just six degrees that would begin a greenhouse effect and a natural terraforming. One way to accomplish this, he outlined, would be to use solar satellites to help melt its polar ice caps. Talking about cosmology, he theorized that Big Bangs could be happening all the time, and that our universe is just one in a sea of universes, in which new ones are created when two existing ones collide.


In the middle two hours, inventor turned medical intuitive Julie Ryan talked about what happens during the dying process from the spiritual perspective. She detailed different phases of the transition as well as how angels and deceased loved ones are part of the process. From her vantage, angels are a form of high vibrational energy, and they act as attendants to help people transition into the next realm. During this period, it's like the dying have one foot in material reality, and the other foot in the spiritual dimension. They might see departed loved ones or religious figures-- what she calls the "Welcome to Heaven Committee."

At the time of death, the spirit separates from the body, traveling out of the head, and to Ryan, it appears like a cartoon caption or bubble floating adjacent to the body. "We all decide," she continued, "when we go, where we go, who is with us when we die-- it's all the person's prerogative." She does not believe in the existence of hell or demonic spirits and considers them to be fabrications of cultures and religions to exert control over the masses. "I believe," she said, "that all spirits are pure love and light." She even includes people that committed evil acts when alive, as their spirit essence becomes divorced from the actions of their body and karma.


Anomaly tracker Billy Carson appeared in the last hour, and suggested that some of the discoveries he and his team have uncovered point to the idea of an advanced ancient civilization on Earth-- that of Atlantis. Further, he's found similar anomalies on planets and moons in our solar system, including Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Titan, which indicates to him that the Atlantean society was interplanetary. One of the most surprising anomalies he mentioned was evidence of a massive city on Venus, which he said mirrors to some degree what Dubai looks like from the air. He also reported that at a burial site of a Native American, a Sumerian cuneiform tablet was found buried with him.

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