Conjuring & Clearings / Lessons from a Medium

Conjuring & Clearings / Lessons from a Medium


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsKatrina Rasbold, George Anderson

In the first half, author, teacher, practicing Bruja (the Mexican tradition of witchcraft), Katrina Rasbold discussed her healing techniques using various conjure modalities (hoodoo or folk magic) as well as how to direct natural and supernatural energies. She also conducts house clearings and exorcisms, and works with candle magic. Candles, she noted, can affect situations, as the vibration or frequency of the color impacts human emotion and behavior. She differentiated between crossing, curses, and hexes-- a crossing is just an incidental moment of negative energy sent without much thought; hexes are brief and spontaneous and usually directed to a specific person; while curses typically involve a plotted-out revenge or the creation of a negative outcome for someone. Rasbold said she doesn't issue curses for clients but sometimes performs "retribution magic" for them, bringing a "return" or bounce back to an individual who's harmed someone else.

Being a bruja or brujo is generally not well-received in the community, she revealed. "They won't talk to you in the street, but they come to you in the dark of night to solve their problems." To stop interference from other people in your life, she recommended a ritual that involves blowing on an egg (considered a living cell in brujeria) and then getting someone to rub the egg all over your body. Once you convey your breath of life into the egg, any crossings or blockages can be transferred from your body into the egg, she explained. Rasbold also talked about her October 31st ritual of acquiring graveyard dirt (which can convey such things as protection). She said she only uses the earth from the graves of spirits (whom she sees as orbs) that consent to the process.


Since suffering a near-fatal illness at the age of six, George Anderson has had a special relationship with the souls in the hereafter who depend on his gift to bring peace and comfort to their grieving families. George has conducted more than 35,000 sessions, and his mediumistic abilities have been scientifically tested to much acclaim. In the latter half, he shared some of the spiritual treasures that have been revealed to him as well as gave intriguing readings to callers, relaying messages from the departed to them. The transition to death "is like walking from one room to the next," he detailed, but what concerns people are the potentially painful circumstances that lead up to it. Death is just a change of form, and the deceased are still themselves once they cross over, he added.

There is no organized religion per se on the Other Side, Anderson reported, but souls must take a "vow of obedience" when they incarnate into a new physical body-- this refers to staying on track with one's chosen life path or lessons, and people must master this on their own. Occasionally, he hears bizarre or extreme remarks from spirits, such as the time he was doing a reading for a widow, and her departed husband disclosed that it was a good thing he was dead because he probably would have killed his wife if he was still alive. One nugget that souls have repeated to him is that people would be much happier in their earthly lives if they would just follow this bit of advice: mind your own business!

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