Past-Life Regression / Natural Pain Treatments

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Past-Life Regression / Natural Pain Treatments

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Clinical hypnotist Georgina Cannon joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to discuss hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind, and past-life regression. "The subconscious mind is the superconscious where we can connect with the spiritual side of ourselves," Cannon said, noting hypnosis is the intro to the subconscious. Cannon compared the subconscious mind to a blueprint from which people operate and from where patterns, habits, behaviors, reactions, and emotions emerge. Children operate from this part of the brain until around five to seven years of age then the thinking part usually takes over causing emotion and intuition to diminish, she revealed. Strife between individuals can come from a past life, specifically someone with whom a past life has been shared, she added.

Cannon spoke about regression therapy which assumes a process of reincarnation where the soul reappears in different bodies at different times to learn something new so it can evolve and move higher. She detailed her work on a CBC TV documentary about the use of hypnosis to investigate past lives. Thirty people participated in the study, 28 went into a past life that could be recorded, and ten participants produced facts which could be verified, Cannon explained. She shared the case of a subject who claimed to have been a monk in a past life. The woman provided accurate location information regarding the monastery, Cannon noted. "As the producer, and the person, and the camera guy walked into the monastery, one of the older monks came towards her and said, 'welcome home my child'," she reported.


During the second half of the program, Dr. Paul Anderson talked about the opioid epidemic, addiction, and natural pain treatments. Anderson, whose clinic uses mostly non-opioid pain therapies, blamed the opioid crisis on pharmaceutical companies. "Fentanyl should be taken off the market," he warned, noting it is an incredibly powerful opioid that can potentially kill a person taking only a tiny dose about the size of a small fingernail. According to Anderson, 20 percent of chronic pain sufferers are addicts, which means regardless of what drug companies and the FDA say, opioids are addictive to a certain part of the population.

Despite being taken for pain management, opioids may create additional pain. "When you take opioids regularly after a while half your pain is rebound pain from the opioids themselves," Anderson disclosed. This causes pain sufferers to take additional opioids and withdrawing from them can produce a massive amount of pain, he added. Anderson estimated a third to half of pain issues are from the drugs themselves which desensitize pain receptors and lower the body's ability to make endorphins. He has found significant pain can be eliminated by detoxing from opioids for 10-14 days while utilizing alternative therapies, including acupuncture, Chinese massage, herbs, lasers, supplements, and meditation.

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