Travis Walton's Abduction & Connie's UFO Encounter

Hosted byConnie Willis

Travis Walton's Abduction & Connie's UFO Encounter

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Travis Walton saw a UFO on November 5, 1975, in the mountains of northeastern Arizona and ran toward it. What followed is one of the most intriguing alien abduction cases ever recorded. Guest host Connie Willis (info) saw something in the skies over the Rocky Mountains about a month ago. She watched a beam of light extend from it and was unable to move anything but her eyes during the episode. Walton joined Connie for the entire program to discuss his story and compare notes, experiences, and theories.

Connie described seeing a beam of light shine through the surrounding trees, and turn on and off again as it lit up each tent at her camp site and the truck where she slept. The source of the light was dark, high up, and made no sound, she recalled, noting how she awoke to find herself laying on her back with fists balled under her chin. "I could not move my body... but I could move my eyes," Connie reported. She referenced alien abduction researcher Dr. David M. Jacobs who suggested if a person ever sees the light of a UFO, they've likely been taken.

"I really think that they actually do identify individuals to the point where if you had a sighting years before and you see it again, they know it's you," Walton said. He shared details from his case including what it felt like when he was aboard the craft. Walton remembered being in a small space and filled with fear because he could not breathe. There he saw a being who resembled a human which he believes was used to calm him down in order to get him under anesthesia after a blast of energy from the UFO scrambled his neural circuits.

Walton talked about how his abduction experience derailed his life and changed everything for him and his friends who witnessed what happened to him. Law enforcement thought they had killed me, he revealed. Walton admitted skeptics forced him to go public to defend his story. "I can't make it un-happen so the best I can do is try to make good things happen for other people as a result of it," he said.


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