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Mr. Lobo is the host of the late night movie program Cinema Insomnia--a cult sensation for over 14 years. In the first half, he discussed new and classic sci-fi and horror movies, including the latest Godzilla film, which he has seen and said that he "really enjoyed." He believes it's a throwback to the classic Japanese monster films of the 1960s. Lobo described early American horror films before the 1950s as "almost fairytales" and pointed out that there was not even a genre known as "horror" at the time, and believes that there can still be what could be considered "classic" horror actors today if they can have good roles and scripts given to them.

Conversation centered for a while on "Morgus the Magnificent," a horror host favorite of George’s. Lobo claimed that the character was likely inspired by the 1963 Jerry Lewis film The Nutty Professor. He mentioned that Ed Wood, whose film Plan 9 From Outer Space was once voted the worst movie ever made, could "write a screenplay in 2 days." He also expressed his love of old black and white science fiction and horror films, commenting that "the abstraction creates something magical" where "you’re filling in the rest of the picture with your imagination.”


Open Lines followed with Bill in Washington State, who described himself as an amateur geologist. He pointed out that the depth of an earthquake (a large one just hit southern California this evening) is one of the factors in determining its destructive power. Walter in Pennsylvania said that most California earthquakes occur on "ancillary faults," and that the last big one to strike the southern part of the state (in the 1800s) measured an estimated (and horrifying) 9 on the Richter scale. Derek in Arizona asked George who his favorite announcer was, to which he replied, Alex Trebek of Jeopardy. Pat in Minnesota said that "if you see color in a dream, it means that your subconscious is yelling at you to pay attention" and thought that the "Wizard of Oz" film was inspired in reversing that logic.

Perry in California said he did not feel the earthquake, but his mother, a few miles away did. Call-in regular Barry from South Carolina said, "I spend 20 hours a day wandering around the house wondering what to do and waiting for C2C to come on." Maryanne in Iowa texted George to ask which sense he could live without. A tough choice, but "probably taste," he replied. Frequent caller Louise in Kentucky claimed that Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) asked her out on a date when he was 13 years old, and she wasn’t much younger. The last half hour featured an encore presentation of Robert Felix talking about a coming ice age.

News segment guests: Aaron Bender, Dr. John Curtis, Peter Davenport.

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