US-Iran Tensions / Anomalous Creatures & Urban Legends

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US-Iran Tensions / Anomalous Creatures & Urban Legends

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Author Jerome Corsi shared his analysis of the current situation between Iran and the United States, and whether war might be inevitable. In 2018, President Trump pulled out of the Obama administration's nuclear agreement with Iran-- there were concerns that cash the US was supplying them was used to sponsor terrorism in countries like Syria and Iraq-- and since then, the US has stepped up its economic sanctions on Iran. The middle eastern nation has responded with a series of ratcheted up attacks on oil shipping in the Persian Gulf, and "I think the tensions are at an all-time high," Corsi commented. While Trump called off a planned attack on Iran after they shot down a US drone, "it put Iran on notice...that the US military is ready on the President's order to do a strategic strike," he said, yet because Iran has embedded some of its nuclear facilities in populated areas, the risk of civilian casualties would be high.

The problem of a limited military attack, he continued, is that it could escalate into a regional war or even a global nuclear conflict, as Iran is supported by Russia. Currently, Iran is working out a summit with Turkey and Russia in order to alleviate the economic strain from the sanctions, and this could serve to perpetuate the crisis, he remarked. Saudis, who practice a different brand of Islam than the Iranians, could also get into military conflict with Iran over religious differences, he added. Corsi also talked about what he considered unfair treatment at the hands of the Mueller investigation team, who questioned him for 40 hours over whether he had advance knowledge of Assange's plans with WikiLeaks in 2016. He announced that he's suing Mueller for $350 million for prosecutorial misconduct.


In the latter half, journalist Linda Godfrey, an authority on anomalous animals and paranormal phenomena in Wisconsin, discussed her new work on urban legends and ancient lore. Modern-day eyewitnesses describe creatures not known to exist in our time but which show up in ancient cultures such as in the Egyptian pantheon, where there was a dog-headed upright creature named Anubis that correlates with recent sightings of 'Dogman.' Godfrey has concluded that the strange sightings of anomalous creatures are not mass hallucinations-- "it's something that is happening to people in all walks of life," she said, and "usually unexpectedly."

Indigenous people have characterized the strange creatures as spirit beings that take physical form to procreate and demonstrate different qualities. While they can leave tracks and claw marks, Godfrey pointed out that when people have fired upon them or hit them with their vehicles, the creatures seem amazingly resilient, picking themselves up and dashing off into the woods. She delved into beings such as Slender Man, who first took off as a fictional meme on the Internet, leading to a case where two Wisconsin girls stabbed a schoolmate as a way to please Slender Man. The idea of a tall, stick figure actually dates back to the Native American lore of "Deer People," she cited. Godfrey also talked about persistent sightings in central Wisconsin of panthers-- animals that wildlife officials claim cannot be there (view related trailer).

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