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Unseen Realms / Energy Healing

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Author Whitley Strieber is an expert in diverse subjects such as cattle mutilations, crop circles, strange implants, the afterlife, and aliens. In the first half, he shared his experiences and insights into the unseen realms influencing his reality. He described how after his wife Anne died, an oblong slit opened up in his right eye that contains words racing through it-- this slit only appears when he's working on writing projects. He indicated it might be a part of the "alien" implant that was installed in his ear in 1989. He determined that the words from the slit function like a kind of "super-suggestion machine," indirectly related to what he's writing about, and very helpful in the creative sense.

He recounted his interactions with the "visitors" that formed the basis of his book Communion. The incidents in and around his cabin in upstate New York started in 1985. "I woke up one night because I sensed movement around, and I was not in that cabin," he said. "I was in some other place...it was full of people that weren't people. Big-eyed aliens...and these other little dark blue figures were running around in there...It was absolutely terrifying." Based on a variety of occurrences, he's concluded that visions of the dead and alien close encounters are linked. Strieber also talked about a recent "missing time" episode at LAX, his continued communications with his deceased wife, and the launch of a new version of his website. Whitley will appear at Steve Neill's art show in Ventura, CA on August 24th.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed energy healing through hypnosis, ascension and teleportation, and how we can safely travel to and return from the fifth dimension for our spiritual growth. One of his methods, the "Super Conscious Mind Tap," is the ability to connect the subconscious mind or soul "to the perfect part of the soul we call the higher self." Illnesses and psychological problems originate from the soul's energy level or frequency vibration rate, he suggested, and during the dream state, we can contact the higher self (in the fifth dimension) and heal our soul, which in turn repairs the physical body.

Healing done with energy can involve out-of-the-body experiences, he continued, such as with "etheric surgery." When souls travel to the etheric plane, he explained, "surgeons" that look like "giant tadpoles" use techniques that involve color and sound, and their healing can then be transferred to the physical form. He talked about his pioneering work of looking at future lives, and detailed the story of 19th century writer Ingersoll Lockwood, who wrote several sci-fi books that seem to contain a number of eerie connections to today's world-- his main character is named "Baron Trump," the son of a president who lives on 5th Avenue in New York. Goldberg also talked about how his "Conscious Dying Training Program" teaches people to conquer fears associated with transitioning, and bypass experiences on the lower astral plane upon death.

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