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New Space Propulsion / Jung & UFOs

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Billy Carson is an expert on the secret space program and a highly respected Martian anomaly finder. He joined Jimmy Church (Twitter) in the first half to discuss his new tech company that is developing engines and propulsion systems for space travel. A few years ago, Carson was granted "approved vendor" status for NASA which allows his company to bid on space technology projects He is now involved in a project to create a device that reduces the weight of anything in its field of influence. Carson used references from ancient texts such as the Mahabharata to develop a machine that uses a spinning "donut" of mercury under tremendous pressure, which Carson claims creates an "antigravity bubble" that can "be made to any size."

He mentioned that his company, the "First Class Space Agency," is also attempting to develop the elusive "perpetual motion" machine and receive a patent for it, which is historically extremely difficult to get. For perpetual motion generation he proposes two large "counter-rotating magnets." Carson believes that what we have been told about oil and its source is untrue, and in reality, is the "blood of the Earth" produced naturally by the planet, though access to it is carefully controlled though a campaign of propaganda about the scarcity of fossil fuels. He says that the philosophy of his company with regard to the laws of physics is that "some laws are made to bend, and some are made to be broken."


In 1958, Carl Jung, pioneering Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst wrote a book about UFOs where his primary concern was not with the reality or unreality of the craft, but with their psychic aspect. Jungian analyst, Dr. Kenneth James discussed what the famous psychologist thought about the effect of the phenomenon on the human psyche. James pointed out that the book was not "one of the most popularized of Jung’s many many interests" but that he nevertheless applied his concepts to an understanding of UFOs and how witnesses described their experiences. Jung did not define the word "myth" as meaning an untrue story, James explained, but as "a truth expressed symbolically that cannot be expressed in any other way, but is important for the integrity of the society that embraces it."

Because of this, James emphasized, Jung was not out to invalidate the experiences of UFO witnesses simply because they didn’t fit the definition of what was possible. People continued to see unexplained objects in the skies, despite the popular assertion that such things could not exist, and for Jung, James said this indicated there was "something in the so-called outer world...that is...interpreted by what is being stored in the inner world" of the mind. James feels that since the psychologist chose not to judge his patients’ experiences as well as those of UFO witnesses, his insights into the nature of their perceptions are more honest and valid. James concluded by saying that an extraordinary experience like a UFO sighting and other "life-changing moments" are "gifts" because they show us that we always have more to learn.

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