EMF & Autoimmune Dysfunction / Channeled Miracles

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EMF & Autoimmune Dysfunction / Channeled Miracles

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Dr. Tom O'Bryan joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) in the first half of the show to report on the link between autoimmune dysfunction and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), and what can be done to mitigate it. "When the immune system is so taxed... a primary manifestation of immune system fatigue is cancer," O'Bryan reported, noting how a properly functioning immune system can keep cancer and other diseases in check. Only about 30 percent of our genes dictate disease while 70 percent of genes are influenced by epigenetics or what happens in the environment around the genes, he added.

Electromagnetic pollution can turn on genes that should otherwise stay off, O'Bryan continued. He pointed to one hundred studies he has read on the dangers of 5G technology. The brain and nervous system run on electromagnetic energy, and 5G interrupts the communication within our bodies, he revealed. "Our brains are being thrown into haywire," O'Bryan warned. He referenced a classroom experiment involving a seed tray that did not sprout because it had been placed by a wireless router. O'Bryan recommended learning where EMF exposures are coming from in one's surroundings, turn off wireless routers at bedtime (he suggested having a wired home instead), and put mobile phones into airplane mode. He also mentioned the benefits of silver-lined clothing, the mineral magnesium, and having trees to break up 5G signals coming into the home.


During the second half of the program, medical medium Kimberly Meredith talked about her array of extraordinary healing and psychic abilities, and how she channels messages through her eyes' blinking codes as a tool of communication from God, Mother Mary, ascended masters, and angels. Meredith detailed how as a child she began experiencing paranormal things, including bringing a bird back from the dead, and could feel energies around her. She eventually discovered blinking was a way the Creator spoke to her through her eyes. "I'm constantly blinking... I blink in codes, my eyes blink all the time in trance," Meredith said, adding she is always in a state of highest dimensional consciousness.

Meredith discussed her work as a medical medium and conduit for the Holy Ghost, and the miraculous healings that take place after she gets her clients into the fifth dimension. "I see tumors, and nodes, and cancer... vanishing out of their bodies," she reported, noting miracles are the norm when one is in the God dimension. She revealed her healing abilities have been tested and verified by neurosurgeon Dr. Norm C. Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association. According to Meredith, the people she scans with her medical mediumship enter a state of consciousness that allows for healing. They must release the fear of thinking they cannot be healed, she added.

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