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Alternative Health / Communicating with the Other Side

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In the first half, registered pharmacist, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist, Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and lifestyle. The human body regenerates itself to some extent, and has the ability to repair such things as fingertips, blood vessels, skin, and the digestive lining, he noted. "That tells you," he continued, "that there are cellular mechanisms built into the system for healing." Nutrients can signal molecules to do specific things, he explained, such as Vitamin C telling the cell to build collagen, B complex to make energy, and magnesium to detoxify. Speaking of the problem of kidney stones, he related the issue to impurities in the bloodstream, and elevated levels of blood sugar.

Supplements that combat skin keratosis (hardening of the skin) are Vitamins A & D, which can act like hormones and regulate the growth of cells and their secretions, he cited. For a person that recently quit smoking cigarettes, he recommended repairing the lungs with Vitamin C, selenium, probiotics, and a supplement called NAC that is particularly beneficial for lung health. One easy way to reduce high blood pressure, he added, is by simply taking a warm bath.


Psychic/medium and author Matt Fraser has conducted thousands of readings around the world, reconnecting friends and family with the spirits of those who are no longer with us. In the latter half, he discussed how to connect with the spirit world, and his communications from the Other Side. He first began interacting with the deceased at age 4 when his grandmother would visit him in his bedroom. He only found out later that she had died and he was conversing with a spirit being. At his live events, the people attending often have a foreboding sense of what their deceased loved one will reveal to Fraser, but typically he finds that these spirits are at peace, and may even convey humor about a past situation.

People will bring objects associated with their departed loved ones to his events. One time Fraser heard a woman's deceased husband tell him that his wife had something for him, pointing to his eye. Fraser assumed it was a pair of glasses, but was rather surprised when the widow pulled out her spouse's glass eye. At the group readings, he walks out into the audience and actually sees various spirits standing behind different participants. Fraser said he likes to directly interact with the audience rather than staying up on a stage. When he conducts a reading, he'll see, hear, and feel things-- it's like painting a picture, he explained, in which he places the elements together in real-time to formulate a message.

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