War in Libya / Reincarnation & Life-Between-Lives

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War in Libya / Reincarnation & Life-Between-Lives

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Adventurer and author Robert Young Pelton is an iconoclast known for his entry into many of the world's conflict zones over the last twenty-five years. In the first half, he discussed his recent trip to the front lines in Libya, where a civil war rages. While this war is being fought between Libyans, it is manned by African mercenaries (such as tribal fighters from Darfur) and high-tech Chinese killer drones, he reported. The Chinese military drones, which can attack targets from around seven miles away, are being sold comparatively cheaply, he added, and used to hit non-military targets such as refugee bases, or even follow ambulances with injured soldiers, who are then fired upon after arriving at the hospital. The possible proliferation of these lethal drones raises concerns that they could be acquired by pirates, gangsters, and other rogue elements, he warned.

Regarding the conflict in Libya, he believes outside forces are working to keep the country destabilized as it competes with other gulf oil companies. Russia, he said, practices a kind of "hybridized warfare" in which they work with dictators in developing countries in exchange for resources, while China offers a lot of credit to similar countries with the stipulation that they hire them to build infrastructure, and if they can't pay them back, they take over ownership. Pelton does not assess Russia as a particular threat, whereas "China is a massive country that has tentacles into every country on Earth, and is slowly working its way into our [US] intelligence networks and technology." He characterized the Straits of Hormuz ship attacks as poorly staged "false flag" events designed to instigate a war with Iran.


Pieter Elsen is a professional regression therapist with many years of experience, helping individuals find their higher purpose in and beyond life. In the latter half, he detailed the nature of reincarnation and how it fits into quantum mysticism, as well as the wisdom clients receive by connecting to a state of super consciousness during Life-Between-Lives. Elsen uses regression with his clients to uncover previous lives and the origins of certain tendencies and programs that trouble or hold them back in their current existence. During the hypnotic sessions, his clients can be guided to their Life-Between-Lives (a therapy first developed by Michael Newton), a timeless re-connection with the soul self after a bodily death but before a new incarnation.

Elsen spoke about the afterlife as a state of mind rather than a place-- a different or higher frequency-- "That's really the principle behind Life-Between-Lives regression," experiencing an altered or more aware state of consciousness. One of his clients was a 23-year-old man, who sought to find out why he was receiving repeated ethereal visits by a hooded figure at the end of his bed. During his regression, Elsen recounted, the young man went back to a life he lived in Atlantis where he worked closely with a renowned teacher/healer who used techniques involving sound (the two actually shared a number of similar incarnations together). It was then revealed that the hooded figure visiting the young man was the spirit of the teacher seeking to remind him to get back on his path of healing.

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