UFOs & Govt. Secrecy / Hybridization Programs

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UFOs & Govt. Secrecy / Hybridization Programs

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For more than 20 years John Greenewald has dug deep to uncover the US. government's most closely guarded secrets regarding UFOs through his project, The Black Vault. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss the military's recent use of the term UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) in their statements regarding the Tic Tac, Gimble, and other UFO incidents. "Never have they pointed to something and said, 'OK, what you're looking at here in this video, that is something that we cannot identify, and that is what we call a UAP'," Greenewald said.

He expressed his surprise about the Navy officially designating the objects in these videos as UAPs since the military has historically always denied interest in them. They've now admitted they are looking into the phenomena but still are not commenting on what they have found, Greenwald noted. He was unclear why the Navy shifted from the term UFO to UAP with regard to the videos in question. Greenwald also commented on the Navy's official stance regarding the classification of UFO footage. The videos are considered unclassified, he reported. "Just because it's unclassified doesn't mean you can grab it... and put it on the Internet," Greenwald said, noting such footage can contain sensitive information.


Bay Area holistic meditation instructor Geraldine Orozco had a life changing contact experience in 2013 which resulted in the activation of psychic abilities. During the second half of the program, she revealed her history of abduction and participation in human hybridization programs. Orozco recalled an abduction experience in which she was awakened at 3:33 AM by a bright light outside of her bedroom window. "My entire body is paralyzed and I am drawn out of my room... before these six shadows that come out of the light," she said, noting how her body passed through an unopened window. Orozco described it feeling as if her body was being pulled apart.

There were six tall Greys and all but one of the beings disappeared into craft while the other waved away the fear in her, Orozco continued. She reported on holographic technology inside the craft which created an artificial setting based on what the aliens wanted to show her. The beings next presented Orozco with a series of eight lights, four of which turned into hybrid children. She remembered feeling these were her offspring. "You just know that this child is made up of your energy... the connection was extremely powerful," Orozco explained. She claimed to be part of four different hybridization programs, including a terrestrial one. According to Orozco, well over a million women claim to have similar experiences.

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