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In the first half, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults talked about the latest discoveries in space and space exploration, including news about the moon, Mars, and Venus. A number of countries have landed vehicles on the moon, though some have encountered difficulties. India recently lost communication with its lander, he reported, while Israel's vehicle crashed on the lunar surface and may have unwittingly unleashed microscopic creatures known as tardigrades there. The privatization of space exploration and travel is the best thing to happen, he opined, as governments tend to stifle innovation, while private industry welcomes trying out new and different approaches.

Several weeks ago, it was announced that China's lunar rover. Yutu-2 found a reddish jelly-like substance on the far side of the moon. Shults speculated that the material may be similar to "star jelly" which appears near meteorites, and then evaporates rapidly. "I think," he said, "what we're finding is primordial organic material from the outer solar system that's fallen to the Earth or to the moon." New simulations indicate that Venus may have supported life for billions of years, but a cataclysmic event around one million or more years ago-- possibly an impact or volcanic event-- made the planet inhospitable, as temperatures soared. Shults also speculated on Jupiter's intriguing moon Europa, which has a vast ocean underneath miles of ice, and could house some form of alien life in its waters.


In the latter half, spiritual warrior and exorcist Bill Bean discussed his efforts to battle and eliminate demonic forces occupying individuals or homes. Bean had his own struggle with such forces, growing up in a house in Maryland in the 1970s that was the site of horrific supernatural events. He learned earlier relatives had invoked dark spirits, and what his family experienced over a 10-year period could be thought of as a bloodline curse. When evil is present there are telltale signs, he noted, such as a ringing in the ears, noxious smells, and heaviness or coldness in the air. Menacing incidents escalated into violent physical attacks by the demonic entities, he recounted, and "greatly contributed to the destruction of my family." At around age 14, while sleeping at his grandmother's, Bean was awakened and saw a strange vision in the closet-- a gold wheel with symbols that contained a screen that showed him the death of both his mother and grandmother.

He recalled his exorcism of a woman in 2017, who had a history of abuse during childhood. Her high level of trauma created an opening for the demons, he explained. During his prayers, her eyes turned red, she hissed at him, and then a deep male voice came from within her, speaking of her in the third person: "You can't have her-- she's ours. God will never have her." Bean also talked about his research into the Mandela Effect (when a portion of the public has a different memory of what is currently considered fact), such as with biblical passages. In this instance, he believes it's a demonic attempt to make a mockery of God and the Bible. Related Images: Page 1 | Page 2

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