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Weird and Freaky Florida / Open Lines

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Mark Muncy is the creator of Hellview Cemetery, a charity haunted house in central Florida that was so infamous it was banned by the city of St. Petersburg. In the first half, he discussed paranormal activity in his home state. In Muncy’s opinion, the most haunted place in the state is the old Belleview-Biltmore hotel in St. Petersburg, where he recalled while on a ghost hunt, the sighting of a spectral bellboy wandering the deserted halls. Muncy also described the eerie spectacle of a pack of ghostly wolves that are supposed to appear on certain nights of the full moon under the Brooks Bridge near Fort Walton Beach, and the terror of one witness who couldn't sleep for weeks after he said the lead wolf "made eye contact" with him.

Muncy also told the story of an old hotel and later condominium complex called the Wakulla Suites, where a man who couldn’t find work as a clown hung himself in his makeup and still haunts residents. The famous 1972 crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 in the Everglades still intrigues, and Muncy says he hears reports of spectral screams and floating bodies from the area. The accident was made famous because ghosts from the downed plane allegedly began appearing on other aircraft that used parts salvaged from the crash. Muncy commented that, to him, Florida is "like the whole state was built on an old Indian burial ground." Related images.


During Open Lines, a Tweet from Natalie in Massachusetts asked George’s advice on buying a house that she knew was haunted. He said he "wasn’t sure" if he’d buy one, with that knowledge. Frequent caller Louise in Louisiana related the tale of a man who came begging at a door in the late 19th century. The woman, who was poor, said she needed to pay the tax on the house or would be evicted. The man left the exact amount she owed and later robbed the tax collector. Louise said the man’s name was Jesse James. Gina Maria in Washington recounted how she said a kind word to a customer in the store where she worked and the next day the woman told her it prevented her from killing herself.

Jim called from Florida with a story about Flight 401. He said that he’d met someone who knew the daughter of the pilot on the doomed plane and that the pilot used to leave a rose on the bathroom sink for her on her birthday. After he perished on the flight, the woman received a rose "for years" on her birthday and no one could figure out how the flower was delivered. Mike called in from Colorado and said that Coast always "covers essential topics for millennials" and that the Coast Reddit forum is very active with people in his age group. Ed in Washington state wondered about the numerous race horse deaths at the Santa Anita track in Southern California and guessed that "someone might be poisoning them." The last half hour featured an encore presentation of an interview with ghost hunter Jeff Belanger.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Peter Davenport.

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