Pascagoula Encounter / Tic Tac UFOs

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Pascagoula Encounter / Tic Tac UFOs

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Research has continued in the close encounter experienced by Calvin Parker on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi on the night of October 11, 1973. During the first half, Parker, along with UFO researcher Paul Hynek, joined George Knapp to discuss his experience, including the smoking gun known as the puncture wound document located in the files of APRO, possibly confirming that Parker was injected that night by the creatures who abducted him. They also discussed an independent eyewitness who was on the opposite side of the river that night who put his testimony on the record stating he too saw the humanoid creatures and the UFO taking off.

Parker admitted he recently underwent hypnosis to bring out additional details of his encounter, including an altercation aboard the craft with a female being with whom he may have had other encounters over the course of his life. Parker described the three beings who took him as ugly and robotic, with wrinkled grey skin, no necks, standing five feet tall, and who glided upon 'legs' with no split. "I've never seen something that looked like these," he said, noting the beings were likely just doing a job. Hynek called UFO/abduction reports a murky phenomenon to study. "They're reporting things that they don't know how to understand," he said. Hynek called Parker a sincere witness whose story is convincing.


The US Navy recently admitted three leaked military videos are authentic cases of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and should not have been released for public use. In the second half of the show, Deep Prasad, physicist and CEO of ReactiveQ, shared new research of the now infamous Tic-Tac incident, which shows that a craft traveling 20 times faster than the F-18 that was tracking it, meaning the UAP was moving at approximately 23,000 mph or 31 times the speed of sound. "I think the Tic-Tac has so much legitimate science that it would be naive at the very least for any respectable scientist to dismiss it," he said, noting there is a 270-page scientific paper on the incident.

According to Prasad, the Tic-Tac can travel much faster than 23,000 mph as it is based on technology which allows the manipulation of space-time. Video of the craft shows it had no wings and yet it can fly. Prasad thinks the 'anti-gravity' technology in the Tic-Tac has its source in what he called emergent quantum phenomena. He doubted such technology is the result of a black project of the United States. "These are toys of a third generation [synthetic] life-form," Prasad revealed, noting Earth may not even have the required elements to construct such a vehicle. He also suggested there are no current scientific instruments to properly capture data from the Tic-Tac.

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