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Divination Systems / The Hat Man

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Paul O’Brien left an executive position to invent a new category of software in 1989 that he turned into the world’s largest astrology and divination website (which he sold in 2007). In the first half, he detailed how divination systems work, such as the I Ching, and how to apply these tools for optimal results and to unlock synchronicity. Divination is not fortune telling, he explained, "it's a way to stimulate your intuition to think outside the box around problems that logic can't handle." Many people, he added, aren't able to recognize their intuition amid all the noise and distractions in their lives, so tools like the I Ching, Tarot cards, or runes are particularly useful in providing input from outside oneself.

For making big decisions in one's life, such as moving to a new city, O'Brien said he favors the use of logic, but when it comes to the timing of enacting such changes, that's where intuition can really shine. Although many discuss "pros and cons" when making a decision, the problem with that system, he noted, is that we tend to be more impacted by the cons, because humans react stronger to fear than hope. The insights of divination, he continued, depend on a set of archetypes, for instance, the 78 cards in the Tarot, and the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching, which each represent different qualities of human energy and dynamics. The process of divination plays off synchronicities or meaningful coincidences in the way the readings unfold, and also shares similarities to meditation and prayer, O'Brien commented. He offers a self-guided technique on his website to creatively manifest any profound desire.


One of the first to write about Shadow People and the Hat Man, Heidi Hollis, has described and chronicled these dark menaces interrupting lives around the globe. Based on her research, correspondences, and personal experiences, she believes these demonic interactions are on the rise, and new patterns are emerging. In contrast to the wispy quality of Shadow People, the Hat Man generally appears in a more solid physical form, often as a suit-clad male wearing a hat like a fedora, she reported. He can direct other shadow entities if they are in the room at the same time, and she suspects he may be a kind of soul reaper. People that are targeted may be gifted in some way, such as being highly empathetic, and this could be what attracts the negative beings, she explained, adding that those who've suffered from traumas also seem to be susceptible.

Sometimes people accidentally spot Shadow People and the Hat Man, as though they hadn't intended to be discovered. Hollis has concluded that the Wisconsin girls involved with the Slenderman stabbing may have actually been under the influence of the Hat Man. In recent reports of the Hat Man, he's been described as a black man, a Spaniard, and other ethnicities or races, which leads her to believe that a recruitment process is ongoing. To rid yourself of such entities, she advised blessing or clearing one's home, as well as wearing a cross necklace.

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