Impeachment Debate/ Mutilations and Mysteries

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Impeachment Debate/ Mutilations and Mysteries

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In the first half, John M. Curtis and Howard Bloom shared their analysis on our current government, administration, and the impeachment inquiry. Bloom opened with a history of what he sees as a pattern of corruption in the Trump campaign which he said began before the 2016 election. He emphasized that the constitutional reasons for impeachment are "treason or bribery” and his opinion that "Trump is guilty of both.” Curtis replied that the case is based solely on a phone call to the Ukranian president which does not show any impropriety, at least any that would lead to impeachment. He added that the Mueller Report exonerated Trump of any collusion with Russian nationals or the Russian government.

Curtis believes that the main reason for the move to impeach is ”for one purpose only,” which is the Democrats want to weaken any Trump bid for office in 2020. Bloom said that the move to put Trump on trial is based not just on the Ukraine phone call, but on a pattern of corruption that will be uncovered and examined should the impeachment proceed. Curtis countered that the proceedings will "go nowhere in the U.S. Senate,” and that if the trial does happen, the case will fall apart on cross-examination of the witnesses that the Democrats have gathered. Bloom’s opinion on the Ukraine phone call is that Trump threatened to withhold funding for their military after Congress had already appropriated it, and used the threat for personal reasons in order to win the next election. Curtis characterized the impeachment movement as "coup d’etat taking place in Congress.”


Paranormal researcher Christopher O'Brien has worked with law enforcement officials, ranchers, and an extensive network of skywatchers, on meticulous field investigation of UFO reports, unexplained livestock deaths, haunted sites, Native American legends, cryptozoology, and secret military activity. In the second half, he discussed his longtime research into the cattle mutilation mystery. Beginning in 1991 and until the early 2000s, O’Brien lived in the San Luis Valley of Colorado in order to explore and research the phenomenon firsthand. The area was "ground zero” for both anomalous livestock deaths and UFO activity, as well as other paranormal encounters. O’Brien has no single explanation for the mutilations, and discussed the possibility that they could be "an environmental monitoring program by the government and the beef industry,” while stressing that this in no way explains all the hundreds of cases he's studied.

He emphasized that the natural death explanation does not account for all of the cases that he has investigated. The evidence he and others have seen indicates that "something with intelligence is doing this,” whether it be human or otherwise. Dead animals have been found with strange substances in their bodies, such as mescaline, barbiturates, and anti-coagulants, which would make an extraterrestrial explanation unlikely in those cases. O’Brien also described his automatic detection and recording system for UFO sightings, which uses scientific sensors and video equipment to document anomalous objects in the sky. O'Brien sees the system as ”the future of Ufology,” at least as far as pure data collection is concerned.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Peter Davenport.

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