The Reality of Sinister Forces

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The Reality of Sinister Forces

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Peter Levenda has been investigating and writing about connections between politics, religion, and history since the 1970s. In his Lovecraft Trilogy of novels, he ties together various strands of occult knowledge, political intrigue, and pop culture, including the Necronomicon, secret societies, and alien abduction. He joined Ian Punnett (Twitter) to discuss how this fictitious series points to the reality of sinister forces at play around us. These forces are just off stage, not quite visible, and can be understood by their activity in our world, Levenda revealed, noting how weird coincidences and things that should not be taking place are signposts. "The actions of these sinister forces can be traced but you go crazy trying to draw connections," he said.

As an example, Levenda pointed to the Kennedy assassination which had been 'predicted' decades earlier in the work of Belgian mystic Maurice Maeterlinck. In his play, The Cloud That Lifted, Maeterlinck describes a king assassinated by shots from a grassy knoll by a man called Alec working for Russia (Alec was Lee Harvey Oswald's pseudonym), he explained. Another of Maeterlinck's work, The Blue Bird, was used as the code name to the forerunner of the CIA's MK Ultra program, Levenda added. "Somewhere, somehow in the cosmos, in consciousness the plot elements were already there just waiting to be picked up," he suggested.

Levenda referenced HP Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu" which illustrates how individuals (the Artist) or groups (Theosophists) attempt to contact sinister forces through dreams, rituals, and even hallucinogenic drug use. "People become aware of the existence of a completely different perspective on reality," he said, pointing out how Lovecraft presented a threat from beings with whom we have nothing in common. They are alien, their motives are unknown, and we don't know where they are leading us, Levenda warned. It is something that is powerful, menacing, and it is moving through our reality causing changes to take place, he noted.

Surviving Flying Dinosaurs

In the first hour, author M.L. Behrman returned with reports of surviving flying dinosaurs and other strange tales from the Mojave Desert. Behrman researched archives of stories as far back as the 1800s of people who claimed to have encountered pterodactyl-like creatures. One woman described such a flying beast killing her cow in a field, and a group from the British Museum reportedly encountered a living one in a cave which got spooked and flew off, he disclosed. There have been sightings near Death Valley of something smaller than a typical pterodactyl, measuring about six to eight feet, and lingering near rivers, Behrman explained. A couple maintained they saw one walking along the ground and leaving behind tracks similar to an alligator, he noted. Behrman suggested sightings explained away as condors or other large birds could, in fact, have been pterodactyls.

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