Cold War Paranoia / Protected By Angels

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Cold War Paranoia / Protected By Angels

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Journalist and winner of 15 Emmys, Brian T. Brown discussed the delusions, absurdities, and secrets of the Cold War, including nuclear weapons, Russian intrigue, and even UFO sightings. Brown began with a discussion of the end of WWII in Japan and his research, which indicates that the Japanese were already going to surrender when the decision was made to drop the atomic bomb in August of 1945. He says the real reason that the go-ahead was given to deploy the first (and only) nuclear weapons ever in war was that President Truman wanted "to scare Stalin" (the Soviet leader) into realizing that the US had them. Brown said the US government covered this up and announced that the reason was to save millions of American lives that would be lost in an invasion of Japan.

Brown said that the period after WWII was "a very unsettled time in America" and the subject of UFOs fed into the fear and paranoia. He mentioned that Ronald Reagan was a big fan of the science-fiction film "The Day the Earth Stood Still," which featured aliens threatening Earth, if we did not eliminate our nuclear weapons. This lifelong obsession caused him to ask his Soviet counterpart Gorbachev what he would do if aliens invaded. Brown also reported that although Stalin was a fan of American cowboy movies, when he found out that John Wayne was a virulent anti-communist, he sent agents to assassinate the actor. Brown declared that the current Russian president, Vladimir Putin "is Ivan the Terrible, a czar" and another in a long history of Russian leaders who are "surrounded by a lot of rich folks, and the rest of the population suffers."


A trained psychotherapist, angel channel, healer, and teacher, Corin Grillo has helped people all over the world discover the reality of angels. Grillo recounted the conditions that led to her discovery of an angelic presence in her life. She described the first 35 years of her life as "a tragic experience" which caused her ongoing depression. A friend bought her an "angel reading" during which a therapist described her life in detail, which Grillo thought impossible. The woman advised her to start talking to angels as if they were real, and soon she began noticing coincidences involving angels such as seeing them in advertisements, in songs, etc. Shortly after this, Grillo said she was driving when "a bird fell from the sky" in front of her car. She silently asked an angel to help the animal and then saw what she perceived as three different birds rise from where the first had fallen.

Grillo said that almost all religions acknowledge that there are benevolent beings that are here to support humans, and she has "never met someone who didn't have some kind of angel helper." She believes that some of us unconsciously "hire" negative beings to help us with our suffering and that we must recognize this unhealthy behavior. Her book includes a 21-day experiment or practice to invite angels into your life and to "detox from negativity." Part of this practice, she said, is to create a "sacred space" in your house that can act as a portal for angelic beings. Grillo concluded that "people's lives are changed when they open up to at least the possibility of the divine in their life."

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Peter Breggin.

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