Lost Templar Treasure/ Miracles of Carbon 60

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Lost Templar Treasure/ Miracles of Carbon 60

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In author Dave Brody's (Related Images) newest thriller, historians uncover a stolen painting which the Nazis believed was a secret map to the Holy Grail and the lost treasure of the Knights Templar. In the first half of the program, Brody joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to talk about his novel, the Templar treasure, and what may have happened to it. "Something that [the Templars] discovered in Jerusalem... made them incredibly powerful," Brody reported, speculating on the nature of their discovery. It could have been gold, ancient secrets, or religious artifacts such as the Grail, he added.

Brody spoke about a revolutionary medieval artwork known as the Ghent Altarpiece. The depiction on the center panel of the work shows a lamb bleeding into a chalice - a likely metaphor for the Grail, he explained. Other panels depict groups watching the ceremony, including the Templars and an assembly called the Just Judges. According to Brody, Hitler was obsessed with the Just Judges panel as he believed it was a map to Templar treasure. He suggested the Grail may not be the chalice of legend but instead a document revealing secrets about Jesus. Brody also noted Native Americans in Canada and New England have an oral history about Templars in America. Their treasure and artifacts probably also made it to America, he added, noting legends about it on Oak Island and in states such as Montana.


Chris Burres is an engineer who confirmed findings on Carbon 60 (C60), a Nobel Prize-winning technology originally meant for military defense, now sought out by global mega-corporations. During the latter part of the show, Burres reported on Carbon 60, its benefits, and how he is on a mission to make it accessible to anyone. C60 molecules are informally called buckyballs for their resemblance to soccer balls, he explained, noting this unique shape and size allows any atom on the period table to get trapped inside of it. Buckyballs perform as well or better than the current best material in almost every application, he added.

Burres cited a peer-reviewed toxicity study which involved feeding rats olive oil mixed with a form of C60 called ESS60 that is safe for consumption. "The rats ended up living 90 percent longer than the control group," he said, pointing out if similar results were found in humans the average age someone could live would jump to over 150 years old. Aging can be slowed and longevity increased by reducing inflammation in the human body and expelling free radicals, Burres suggested. ESS60 supplements do both better than any other method currently known, he noted. "There is no better-researched way to live longer on the market," Burres said.

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