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Veterans & Health / China War & Prophecy

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Author, near-death experiencer, and hospice volunteer, Dannion Brinkley, is chairman of the Twilight Brigade, his nonprofit service for veterans consisting of approximately 5,500 volunteers nationwide. In the first half, he discussed the state of US vets, and what needs to be done to better honor those who have served. He also touched on some of his visions during his NDEs. One of the biggest problems with the VA system, he cited, is that it's an entrenched bureaucracy. Yet, he's concerned that if current VA health care gets folded into a single-payer health program, the expertise to treat vets may be lost. He suggested that vets sign-up for the Whole Health VA program, which looks at a patient's well-being in addition to health.

Brinkley recommended the Opus Peace organization, which focuses on healing "soul injury"-- a part of the self that has become damaged or wounded, as well as innovative home health programs that allow vets to stay home longer and maintain a better quality of life. During one of his NDEs, he saw 13 beings in a crystal city, who dictated information or guidelines to him. He was shown things that will come to pass as "boxes of knowledge" (including the 1986 Chernobyl event) and how American health care will become a driving issue in the current time frame.


In the latter half, financial analyst with an emphasis on macro-geopolitical events, H. Richard Austin warned of a looming WWIII involving China, which he correlated with prophecies from the Book of Revelation and prophetic statements disclosed at the Fatima events. A key component of the Chinese communists' grand scheme is gaining absolute control over the country's huge population so they can be used effectively as a tool of war, he postulated. This won't just be a conventional war, he stated-- he foresees an electronic battlefield. China has been establishing control of much of the global internet, as well as mobile communications over large geographical areas, and parts of America's electrical grid, he cited. Further, consumer electronic equipment and cell phones have likely been compromised when they were manufactured in China.

China wants to dominate global society, but they don't have enough territory to accommodate its massive population, Austin suggested. The third world war, he continued, will take place on the Siberian plain, land that China wants to take from Russia, and the US will be drawn into the conflict. China's battle with the American Navy will be a crucial determinant in whether they win the war, he added. These huge conflicts were indicated by the Mary figure at the 1917 Fatima sightings, he said. In particular, she pointed to misunderstandings in Russia that would spread to other countries, and culminate in world wars in which entire nations would be wiped out.

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