Asteroid Apophis Impact / Overcoming Hopelessness

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Asteroid Apophis Impact / Overcoming Hopelessness

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On our live Thanksgiving night show, researcher of ancient mythology and paranormal phenomena, Tom Horn shared his belief that the asteroid Apophis will hit Earth on April 29, 2029, a Friday the 13th, and this could be the 'Wormwood' event prophesied about in the Book of Revelation. Horn said he'd had several prophetic dreams in his life that came to pass, such as in 2010, when he had a vision that the current Pope would resign (indeed Benedict resigned in 2013). So, upon having another powerful vision in early 2019, he gave it credence. First, he saw a horned serpent hundreds of feet wide undulating toward the Earth. His perspective changed to an aerial view, and he then recognized the object as an asteroid. Back on Earth, he hears an incredible boom as the asteroid plunges into the Pacific, with tsunamis engulfing nearly half the world. "The atmosphere," he continued, "is being infused with scorched particles...that are coming up out of the boiling waters of the ocean," as people run for their lives.

As the vision was ending, he heard something whisper the word "Apophis"-- the name NASA used for an asteroid (from an Egyptian god of destruction). While astronomers have said Apophis will pass within 19,000 miles of our planet, Horn believes a cover-up is taking place and cited a paper by the scientist Nathan Myrhvold, which argues that NASA heavily underestimates the dangers of asteroids and near-Earth objects. Mapping indicates that if Apophis impacts Earth, it will come down along the coastlines of California and Mexico, and unleash a blast equivalent to a billion tons of TNT or more than 65,000 nuclear warheads, Horn warned. While exotic technologies may be used to try and change the trajectory of the asteroid, as far as he knows, they are not fully developed, as of yet.


In the latter half, author, motivational speaker, Unity minister, and practicing Shaman, Rev. Temple Hayes discussed the problems of loneliness, depression, and lack of meaning, as well as how to overcome the lack of love and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness. Her concern is for people "dying while they're living"-- such as those in jobs or relationships that are untenable, or overcome by hardships. She is involved in the upcoming film "I Am Never Alone" to raise awareness of suicide prevention and mental wellness. While people have more ways to connect with others than ever before, many feel disconnected and unvalidated, she pointed out.

In Hayes' practice, she tries to guide people back to experiencing a sense of joy about their lives. People should look at their belief systems and programming, she advised, such as how some religions label everyone as sinners, and this contributes to feelings of worthlessness. Her free Mind Dive app offers suggestions for various conditions. For example, if a user clicks on depression or anxiety, the app will present different recommendations such as an essential oil, teaching, or exercise.

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