Extraterrestrial Encounters / Dark Energy

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Extraterrestrial Encounters / Dark Energy

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As a child, Adam Apollo had several encounters with extraterrestrial starships. Since the age of 15, Adam dedicated himself to studies in theoretical physics and spiritual traditions and practices. He joined Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss discoveries in science, which point to an expanded understanding of our universe. Apollo began lecturing on advanced physics and the reality of extraterrestrial life in high school when he said that people "had no idea how to approach these subjects," but now the things he spoke about are being proven in physics and astronomy. He believes that ancient civilizations like the Tibetans understood the underlying principles of the universe for many hundreds of years, but expressed them in spiritual terms.

Apollo commented on what he sees as the reflexive nature of reality which involves self-correcting feedback "as an innate part of the structure of the universe," meaning that we, in a sense, create what we see and experience in cooperation with the electromagnetic fields and fundamental particles that make up the physical world. He doesn't hesitate to discuss his contact with ET intelligences. He feels this issue must be spoken about openly to keep it from being used as a tool by elements in the power structure. They seek to scare the population into accepting more weapons, he suggested, which will "solidify centralized control on this planet."


In the second half, YouTuber and futurist Isaac Arthur talked about dark energy and dark matter, and the implications of these discoveries for a radically revised view of the universe. Arthur said that experiments with particle accelerators have shown that some atoms and their parts were being thrown out at angles that did not include known particles. This indicated something affecting the interactions was not accounted for in current theories. Since researchers had no idea what was causing these anomalies, they called the unknowns "dark matter" or "dark energy." Arthur also stated that with all of our knowledge of the basic forces in nature, the phenomenon of gravity is still not very well understood.

As far as the possibility of life elsewhere, since we can only apparently observe about 10% of the universe, realities could exist in that other 90% that we could never see or know about it. In that case, there could be an "infinite number" of places where life thrived, but the laws of physics that govern their reality would probably be incomprehensible to us. Even in our galaxy, the majority of stars are of the "red dwarf" type, which Arthur reminded the listeners have a lifespan many times that of our sun, and would have had much more time for life to develop around them. He added that "there might be life that's evolved several places in our solar system," but we haven't discovered it yet.

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