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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach addressed alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. Wallach said he ate turkey for Thanksgiving "with at least 90 supplements." He also mentioned that he ate the liver from the turkey because "it contains so much nutrition." He recounted a bet he made with an ophthalmologist that he could cure 27 elderly patients of macular degeneration, who were declared legally blind. Wallach claimed he won the bet when all of the subjects recovered with 20/20 vision by using his supplements and adopting his philosophy that if you "give the body the raw materials and it can maintain and repair itself."

Wallach cited that medical mistakes in hospitals and elsewhere "kill 251,000 patients every year" and that a healthy diet is good insurance against ever having to get medical care. The main causes of bad health as Wallach sees it, are diets that contain fried foods and processed meats as well as oils such as those derived from olives, sesame, and peanuts. Wallach also repeated his mantra that foods such as rice, fish, sweet potatoes, and red meat are the main keys to sustaining a healthy life. He also reiterated his belief that disabling diseases are not caused by viruses or bacteria, but a lack of proper nutrition. In the last hour, Wallach dispensed health advice to callers.


Professional reader, rootworker, teacher, and ritualist, Phoenix LeFae, has been practicing witchcraft for over twenty-five years. In the second half, she recalled that as a teenager, she experienced a "difficult emotional upheaval" and began a quest for a spiritual tradition. One day she "stumbled on" a book about witchcraft that spoke to her beliefs and concerns, and her practice developed from there. LeFae also described her work with the "root tradition" of the American South, which uses roots and herbs and different items from nature to improve your life. She discussed her practice of the Reclaiming Tradition sect of witchcraft as "feminist...and concerned with healing the Earth and healing ourselves."

LeFae believes in ancestor worship and said that when someone passes away, if they are remembered by those left behind, then they never really die. She used the example of Cleopatra, and the fact that people still talk about her all the time, so in that sense, she has become immortal. She teaches people to connect to their own ancestors because they "want their lineage to succeed." Her own name, she explained, is a reference to her belief and work with nature spirits, who were originally known as the "fae," and whom she believes are present in all natural things, and what we traditionally think of as fairies. Although she lives in Northern California, where she says most people take her apparent eccentricities in stride, she humorously remarked that "in the average American home, I'm a weirdo."

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Charles Coppes.

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