Changing Cancer Treatments / UFOs, ETs, & George Adamski

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Changing Cancer Treatments / UFOs, ETs, & George Adamski

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Thomas Cowan, MD, has studied and written about many subjects in medicine, including nutrition, homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine, and herbal medicine. In the first half, he discussed alternative approaches and ideas in the cancer field, as well as cardiovascular disease. Since President Nixon launched the War on Cancer nearly 50 years ago, very little progress has been made. Cowan argued that the predominant reason for this failure is that science has focused on the idea of mutated genes causing cancer, with the cell nucleus at the source. But according to his research, cancer forms in the cytoplasmic or watery area of the cell, and that metabolic dysfunction (from environmental and other factors) deteriorates the fluid-structure. His therapeutic program involves looking at a person's voltage and flow, along with various natural approaches.

The cardiovascular field also suffers from misunderstandings, he suggested, particularly the idea that the heart functions like a pump. He first came upon this concept from Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Steiner's statement that the heart could not be a pump led Cowan to question how a one-pound organ could push a sticky fluid like blood through vessels that if laid out would run for thousands of miles. Based on his studies, he concluded that a build-up of lactic acid leads to localized acidification that destroys heart tissue. He cited how strophantus (a plant native to Africa) has successfully cleared away lactic acid, and is a viable supplement to combat heart disease.


In the latter half, Glenn Steckling, Director of the George Adamski Foundation (one of the oldest and longest-standing UFO organizations) talked about his family's involvement in the field, and their interactions with the military and NASA. George Adamski gained public notoriety in the 1950s for his revelations about contact with human-looking ETs and his photographs of various craft (see related images). Steckling's father Fred first met with Adamski in 1963, and after that "we became good friends with George and...[his] personal co-workers and confidantes," Steckling said. "And he exposed us to close-up sightings and meetings with some of his extraterrestrial friends, which continued on through our lives."

Through Adamski, the Stecklings learned of the location of an ET landing facility in central Mexico, and the family bought property near there. When a Mexican military intelligence team showed up shortly after their arrival looking for ET evidence, it seemed to confirm that they'd come to the right place, Steckling recounted. Later, the Stecklings attended a NASA briefing related to Adamski's work, and subsequently, they received high-resolution copies of photos from the Apollo and Lunar Orbiter missions. From his studies of these photos, Steckling finds the Moon Landing Hoax theory to be misguided. The Stecklings concluded that not only does the moon have an atmosphere, but it is the home of alien bases, where mining and other activities have taken place. He also revealed how after Adamski died in 1965, the supposed ET 'Valiant Thor' visited the Stecklings, but his father recognized him as an entirely human disinformation agent, dispatched by the Pentagon.

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