Angelic Help / Christmas 'Godwinks'

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Angelic Help / Christmas 'Godwinks'

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In the first half of our live Christmas Eve show, author and angel researcher Catherine Lanigan discussed sightings of angels and how they are here to help us. Angels are a distinctly different species than humans, she explained, and these messengers of God are also different from ETs. Before we incarnate on Earth, we're assigned a guardian angel, and they are with us every moment of our lives, she said, though we can reach out to other angels as well for help and guidance. People, Lanigan stated, can interact with angels during their dreams, in deep meditation sessions, and even when they appear under the guise of a human being (they project a special energy of knowingness).

Angels have been captured on video, she reported, and appear as super light beings, with a kind of crystalline quality, with hints of wings and a light dress or gown. During a Reiki session that an angel instructed Lanigan to undergo, she witnessed four different angels – Michael, Ariel, Rafael, and Gabriel, "and each one of them was entirely different looking than any picture I'd seen," she revealed. Michael had golden wings and a Mediterranean appearance, and wore bejeweled ancient Roman-looking attire, while Gabriel was Celtic-looking, with black hair and a strong chin. The Earth is in a precarious place right now, Lanigan remarked, and thousands of angels are coming in to assist and help people rise above the growing hate and division. Listeners can contact Catherine at to order her books or share their stories.


In the latter half, writer and speaker SQuire Rushnell shared true-life stories of extraordinary "Godwinks" at Christmastime, demonstrating that what some thought was "coincidence" wasn't coincidence at all, but a kind of supernatural "hotline" from God. Coined by Rushnell some twenty years ago, the word Godwinks references the idea that something divine is behind amazing coincidences or synchronicities. Godwinks is now in many dictionaries, he reported, and has filled a vacancy in our language. Two Hallmark movies have been based on the concept, he added.

He spoke of life-changing events and encounters as a kind of divine alignment. One story he shared concerned the actress Diane Lane, who was taking a limo to appear at a TV studio in New York to promote a movie. She looked out into a sea of yellow cabs and thought of her recently deceased father, who she was still grieving over. He used to drive one of the taxis in the city-- medallion #6F99, and she vividly recalled seeing that number when he would pick her up. Just as she stepped out of the limo, a cab pulled in front of them-- #6F99. The odds of such an occurrence happening randomly were astronomical, with some 15,000 taxis in New York, he marveled. Rushnell also recounted the tale of an acutely ill patient, whose wife asked for an unlikely sign of her husband's healing-- that it would snow on Christmas day in a Texas town that hadn't had snow in 100 years. And indeed, the rare snowfall occurred, and subsequently, the husband recovered from congestive heart failure.

During the evening, many guests from the C2C roster shared their Christmas greetings, and special songs, commentaries, and renditions were played, including Tom Danheiser's reading of the poem "Footprints in the Sand," the late Glenn Kimball on the meaning of the Christmas tree, and Lionel Fanthorpe's version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Dr. Peter Breggin

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