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Predictions & Phenomena / History of FATE Magazine

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In the first half, business consultant and financial writer George Ure updated his predictions for 2020, and proposed how obscure phenomena such as pilots flying through Bermuda Triangle, and biblical visions could be connected. While the stock market will continue to fluctuate in the next year, he compared the current conditions to that which preceded the 1929 crash, in that there are a variety of new industries that may replace older ones, causing unemployment to rise. Ure also referenced a 72-year war cycle, noting that Pakistan-India, and Israel may see turmoil in the next year, whereas the US may be affected by war in 2025-26. More on his predictions here.

In 1970, pilot Bruce Gernon was engulfed by a strange cloud or fog as he flew near Andros island in the Bermuda Triangle. Ure connected this episode with special frequencies or sound, and accounts in the Bible that describe similar phenomena, such as Moses going into a cloud, and descriptions of fire pillars. He theorized that these clouds act like portals that can traverse space and time. He also spoke about his 'Light Crown' project, a kind of medical light therapy, and research into anti-aging (supplements such as DHEA, GABA, berberine, and C60 Carbon show promise, he reported).


In the latter half, Coast to Coast AM investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented strange and amazing stories from FATE Magazine, via her interview with Jean Marie Stine, a writer and editor who has teamed up with the magazine to reprint favorite stories in book volumes. Angels and heavenly visitations, strange lights, miraculous psychic and spiritual healings, ESP, UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot and unearthly experiences are among the topics included in the current compilation. The very first issue of FATE from 1948 (view image) featured a story about Kenneth Arnold's historic flying saucer sighting, helping kick off the modern UFO era, though FATE also covered UFO reports that dated as far back as the 1800s, Stine pointed out.

FATE was the first mass market publication devoted to the occult, and was founded by Ray Palmer, "one of the all-time best magazine editors," said Stine, who added that he was a real innovator in the field. One of the most famous fans of the magazine was Stephen King, who has said that the publication helped inspire him as a child when his mother read him stories from it. Stine also talked about the many contributions the late Brad Steiger made to the magazine, including an article co-written with his wife Sherry, about angelic encounters of ghost hunters and psychic researchers. The late author and Coast favorite Rosemary Ellen Guiley also wrote for and edited the magazine. Published today by Phyllis Galde, FATE has had amazing longevity with a more than 70-year run, Jones marveled.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Peter Davenport

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