Russia & New Cold War / The Soul & Angelic Origins

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Russia & New Cold War / The Soul & Angelic Origins

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In the first half, historian of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, Stephen F. Cohen, continued his discussion of current events, including the perception of the presidential impeachment on the world stage, and the prospect of a new Cold War between Russia and the US emerging in the coming decade. The recent American bombing in Baghdad that killed Iran's General Soleimani is likely to elicit a response from Russia, he surmised, as Russia has been arming Iran for many years. The attempt to impeach President Trump, over what Cohen referred to as "foreign policy" is harmful to our political culture, he remarked, and it's ludicrous to assert that Trump was behaving in a treasonous manner, he added.

Because of NATO expanding their build-up into more countries along the Russian border, and American troops in Syria and Ukraine, the two nuclear superpowers have increased opportunities for conflict, Cohen observed. Perhaps even the possibility of a future standoff like the Cuban missile crisis. Putin remains a popular leader in Russia, though some have characterized him as an autocrat. Cohen said he's actually thankful that Putin is in the Kremlin, as there are far more dangerous alternatives in Russia, he suggested. The 75th anniversary of the end of WWII is being celebrated in Russia this year, and articles there cite that one of the origins of the war was because Western powers isolated Soviet Russia-- somewhat akin to what is happening today with sanctions by the West, Cohen pointed out.


In the latter half, clairvoyant, historian, and symbolic cosmologist, Tricia McCannon, spoke about the soul, our angelic background, and the landscapes of the afterlife and reincarnation. She detailed the large variety of encounters she had with spiritual beings and teachers from a young age, and what happened to her during a near-death experience (NDE) in 2003, while undergoing surgery. Heaven or the afterlife can exist on many different levels, and reflect a person's belief system, she noted. Between lifetimes, she continued, we meet with our soul family (people we incarnate with over numerous lives), and a council who reviews whether we fulfilled our life "contract."

During her NDE, McCannon appeared before a council-- five humanoid luminous beings, who were telepathic and flooded her with unconditional love. While she wanted to remain there, she sensed a disappointment in herself for not fulfilling her contract, so she agreed to return. McCannon described the concept of the "Angelic Twin" – the being of light people may meet during an NDE. This is actually our higher or divine self that can access non-physical realms and understands that the individual on Earth is just a fragment of the total being. She also outlined the idea of Adi Karma or first karma, which is embedded into a newly incarnated person. This original form of karma is associated with the ego, she explained, and leads us to view ourselves as a separate entity, apart from unity consciousness.

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