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A Navy SEAL for 20 years, rising through the ranks to become the commander of Task Unit Bruiser, the most decorated Special Operations Unit of the Iraq War, Jocko Willink, co-founded Echelon Front, a leadership and management consulting company. In the first half, he discussed lessons learned in some of the toughest environments, and his experiences advising diverse companies and their leaders. A sense of humility and humbleness are crucial qualities for a leader to have, he noted. Those who lack these characteristics think they know everything and shut out valid ideas of those who work under them.

As a leader, sometimes it's advantageous to plant seeds of ideas in your team, he continued, and let the team grow the concept, so they take more ownership of the plan or product. He talked about "imposter syndrome" in which someone rises to a position that they don't feel worthy of or ready to perform. When this has happened to Willink, rather than losing confidence, he became motivated by the situation to work harder, study more, and do the best he possibly could. He also pointed out that one of the best ways for a leader to earn respect is to treat his team with respect.


For several decades, Catherine Weissenberg has been sharing her unique ability to communicate and dialogue with God, the deceased, and coma patients via longhand writing connections. In the latter half, she was joined by Jocelyn Montanaro, whose husband was in a coma yet was able to communicate to Catherine via her writing technique. Together, they shared this story and other remarkable communications that demonstrate the possibility of consciousness continuing after death. Jocelyn detailed how her husband, Kevin, had brain cancer and fell into a coma post-surgery. When he'd been comatose for a month, Jocelyn's sister suggested a session with Catherine, and though Jocelyn was highly skeptical, she figured she had nothing to lose.

The first session took place over the phone (Catherine doesn't need to be physically present to share her gift), and she revealed that Kevin hadn't realized he was in a coma and thought he'd been dreaming. Jocelyn was able to ask her husband questions, and he gave answers that Catherine could not have possibly known, and this convinced Jocelyn of the veracity of the experience. Later, after Kevin died, communications through Catherine continued, and this offered Jocelyn a great comfort and sense of connection. Through these communications, Jocelyn learned that "death isn't a failure," but rather a transition, and she no longer fears its eventuality. Catherine also spoke about God being an ever-present kind of love and understanding.

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