Terrifying Bigfoot Encounters / The Quantum Reality Problem

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Terrifying Bigfoot Encounters / The Quantum Reality Problem

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In the first half, Bigfoot and paranormal researchers, Shannon Legro & G. Michael Hopf joined George Knapp to share especially terrifying encounters with Bigfoot-type creatures, mostly culled from Legro's podcast Into the Fray. In Bear Mountain State Park along the Hudson River in New York, a teenager named Chris and his friend had a daylight sighting of a massive creature about 10 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide. The gray-haired creature, nicknamed "Scarface," because of its facial scars, held half a dog in one hand, and some type of clothing or blanket in the other, Hopf recounted.

Legro detailed a case of a man named David, who deliberately sought out a Sasquatch encounter in 2001. He was assisted by a mentor, who told him to avoid a specific area. But David ignored the advice and headed into the "forbidden circle." After nightfall, he heard horrifying screams like the sound of someone being murdered-- yet it was coming from more than one direction. In a state of shock, he managed to crawl out of the gorge, while something seemed to be trailing him. In another case, Derek Randall got a tip from Grover Krantz that McCall, Idaho was a Bigfoot hot spot, and that the sound of a baby crying would attract the creature's attention. Randall traveled to the location, Legro said, and played a tape of his son crying. Eventually, he heard a crashing sound coming closer and closer. He saw something running on two feet with the shape of a linebacker. When Randall shut off his tape recording, he heard deep and raspy breathing from about sixty feet away. Terrified, he ran out of the area.


According to the latest in physics, the world emerges spontaneously, out of nothing, and constitutes a multiverse, where anything that can happen will happen, and it will happen an infinite number of times. In the latter half, Rick DeLano, producer of the new film The End of Quantum Reality, describes the dead-end at which physics has arrived, and how we can return, at last, to the real world. The film features the legendary genius Wolfgang Smith (author of the book The Quantum Enigma), who is conversant with both quantum mechanics and ancient wisdom traditions.

By trying to wed quantum mechanics to general relativity, we have been led to incredible paradoxes, DeLano lamented, where we're dealing with things you can't actually experiment with (such as the idea of a multiverse). And though much of quantum physics can be proven on a theoretical basis, he continued, "the problem is it doesn't describe the world in which we live." The very instant you try to measure quantum potentialities, things collapse, he added, creating a gap between the physicists' far-flung notions and the practical experience of our lives.

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