AI Dangers / Hypnosis & Spirit Guides

AI Dangers / Hypnosis & Spirit Guides


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJohn D Wood, James Schwartz

John D. Wood, Esq. is an attorney, author, and advisor on one of today's most disruptive business changes: artificial intelligence. In the first half, he discussed the dangers posed by the growing powers of AI and how to make a plan for the future where humans and machines can best complement one another. AI includes a constellation of different technologies such as computation, machine and deep learning, neural networks, and intelligent robots. And over the last ten years, he pointed out, it's permeated our lives as 'Big Data' algorithms are interwoven with social media, GPS, and email. Some of the technologies, like facial recognition, are considered to be prone to misuse and invasion of privacy.

Wood also expressed concern over "deepfakes," videos constructed through computer programs that use existing footage to create highly realistic sequences with audio that the original person never said. "It takes very serious forensic analysis to debunk a deepfake," he commented, adding that such material could be "weaponized" in a political campaign. A brain-augmenting technology, neural lace, could also be problematic, he said. The "lace" refers to thin fibers sewn into the brain, which offer the ability to send messages back and forth through a neural link. While it might help with neurodegenerative diseases, he conceded, the ability to control the brain through a device like a phone could lead to hacking of the mind and the loss of individual sovereignty.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist James Schwartz talked about using hypnosis as a tool to communicate with spirit guides, and understand spiritual realms. In hypnotic sessions with his clients, who were communicating directly with their guides, he's gleaned much information about such things as the afterlife, karma, parallel planes, and healing. When we die, the spirit continues on and experiences other realms and dimensions, he detailed. Schwartz's client Danielle, working with a "master guide," described her journey to a higher vibrational plane that she claimed she could simultaneously inhabit at night while her physical body remained here.

This led Schwartz to explore the idea that our spirits can experience parallel lives and multiple planes of awareness as we go about our daily existence. He compared our higher selves or spirit energy to a kind of "power station" that connects perhaps up to 100 different simultaneous lifetimes and experiences. The guides have suggested that spirits are "constantly" reincarnating, he added. Schwartz reached out to listeners, inquiring if any were acquainted with the late Mount Shasta-based spiritual teacher Pearl Dorris (1906-1990), whom he believes has been coming through as his own guide.

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