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Opting out of the Constitution / Examining Conspiracies

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Date Host Richard Syrett
Guests Phil Hudok, Andy Thomas

Phil Hudok, a former Constitution Party candidate for US Senate, along with four others, began a counteroffer to actions and inactions of those proclaiming Lawful and Legitimate Authority by, under, through, and pursuant to the US Constitution. They call it the Bill of Peace 2020. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the plan where people can opt out of the Constitution. "The problem is not with the Constitution, it's that the Constitution is being violated... it's a contract, an agreement that binds two entities," he said, noting the government uses the document for control and does not hold up its part of the agreement. According to Hudok, working within the system is not a viable option for change because a Deep State really wields the power. People always end up with less rights and more policies that abridge our freedoms, he added.

Hudok explained how he petitioned the West Virginia Legislature with a redress of grievances which no one answered. The case was accepted by the West Virginia Supreme Court where it was dismissed under what he considers questionable circumstances, so Hudok took his case to the US Supreme Court. He has since requested to take the government to arbitration. If he wins, those who opt-in to the Bill of Peace 2020 will have a kind of diplomatic immunity, not require licenses nor pay taxes, they'll receive indemnity, and the government will have to destroy records related to them, he revealed. "Governments gone amuck because they aren't constrained by their laws... they are the ones that cause the most damage to humanity," Hudok noted.


During the latter half of the program, Andy Thomas one of the UK's leading researchers into unexplained mysteries, addressed how to properly examine conspiracy theories, separating fact from fiction and examining those who believe them. The underlying message from most works on conspiracies is those who propose them are not to be taken seriously, he suggested. "What all of those [skeptics] do that try to reduce it is not look at the evidence... a refusal to engage with the actual evidence for conspiracies," Thomas said. One must first start with the official story then look into the details of the conspiracy, he explained, noting there are usually points on both sides worth considering.

The truth lies somewhere in between, Thomas continued. "We can all agree that we are not being told the whole truth in the mainstream," he said. Thomas covered the history of false flag operations, including the Gulf of Tonkin incident which the US used to justify war against Vietnam, and how the mainstream media is used to prop up these narratives. "The media and the authorities are basically two sides of the same coin," he suggested. Thomas also delved into unusual assassinations in which a plane, helicopter, or car was used to take out a target. As an example, he focused on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Diana.



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