Avoiding Asteroids / Purging Demonic Spirits

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Avoiding Asteroids / Purging Demonic Spirits

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In the first half, tech entrepreneur and researcher Mike McCoy shared his research of near-Earth asteroids, the odds of Earth impact, and a new program being developed by NASA to move Earth-bound asteroids off course. There are a lot of rocky bodies floating around in space. Among the near-passes and flybys, nearly half of them, he noted, are only discovered after they've passed us or just one day before (many of them appear black as coal in space and are very hard to spot in advance). The Minor Planet Center has tracked some 932,000 near-Earth objects, including asteroids and comets-- with some 5,000 discovered in 2019 alone. Last July, an asteroid (2019OK) was found just a day before its closest pass, only 43,000 miles away.

If an asteroid was on a direct collision course with Earth, NASA and FEMA would prepare a joint statement on how they would protect the planet, McCoy reported. However, he lamented that the planetary defense budget for the US is only $150 million. One promising defense is to nudge an asteroid off course, such as through laser ablation. It's potentially safer than an explosion that breaks up an asteroid into smaller pieces. NASA will be testing such a technology with its Project Dart mission, attempting to redirect a 50 ft. 'moonlet' in 2021. McCoy's novel, Asteroids: Bridge to Nowhere, explores the extreme attempts a secret government group makes during an impending asteroid storm.


In the latter half, emotional clearing expert, practicing exorcist, and professional psychic Jeffrey Seelman discussed his work with demonic spirits, how they manifest destructive forces and take residence in individuals and dwellings, and what it takes to purge them. Demonic spirits are more powerful than negative spirits (typically deceased humans), and there is no evidence they ever lived a life on Earth, he explained. These demonic beings, he continued, can be particularly effective when there is a lot of emotional energy in the atmosphere or a person is in a vulnerable state, and businesses are also targeted in order to destroy lives.

Their mode of attack is to telepathically transmit emotional energy, which amplifies anger and can lead to violent or destructive behavior. Though these negative emotions give the demons a charge, he believes that they get their power from inside themselves. Seelman described how demonic spirits make weapons composed out of non-physical reality, which can throw a huge amount of rage into human energy systems. Seelman teaches people how they can protect themselves through similar methods, using their own mental constructions or visualizations to create shields and swords made out of non-physical energies that can bounce back attacks, or break up negative fields.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, John M. Curtis

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