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Deuterium-Depleted Water / Electronic Pollution

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Date Host Lisa Garr
Guests Joseph Mercola, Victor Sagalovsky, Robert Slovak

Water: we can't live without it, but what type of water should you be drinking? Robert Slovak, who has devoted himself to the science of water after a life-altering experience, along with Victor Sagalovsky, a polymath scientist and author of "Gold: Catalyst of Radiant Health," joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to discuss the hydrogen isotope deuterium in heavy water and the health benefits of deuterium-depleted water. "[Deuterium] is quite abundant in our bodies and our atmosphere... and it's in all Earth's water," Sagalovsky explained, noting the level in water averages about 150ppm.

The accumulation of deuterium in body is one of the main mechanisms that causes aging, he continued. The isotope causes mechanical damage to the mitochondria in cells which in turn interferes with ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, Slovak added. "It's one of the biggest factors that limits the human lifespan to a hundred years," he said. According to both researchers, deuterium-depleted water creates a net energy benefit for the body, which provides more energy to respond to stressors, such as radiation and disease. The body's repair mechanisms are up-regulated to a high degree, Slovak noted. "It's a way to pro-youth yourself," Sagalovsky suggested.


The hazards of electronic pollution may once have been the stuff of science fiction, but now we know they are all too real, especially with the advent of 5G ultra-wideband technology. During the second half of the program, Dr. Joseph Mercola talked about the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and how to protect against them. The wireless industry claims EMFs are safe because the thermal effects do not directly damage DNA, Mercola explained, noting EMFs increase oxidative stress in the body and over time break DNA. The intensity of exposure to EMFs has increased exponentially over the last one hundred years by a billion billion times, he noted.

"It would seem somewhat irrational to not believe that there is some biological consequence from an exposure to an increase of this sort of magnitude," Mercola continued, pointing out most biological life on the planet is effected in some way by EMFs. These frequencies can cause a host of issues, including tinnitus, arrhythmias, neurodegenerative diseases, and infertility, he revealed. While it may be impossible to escape EMFs in public, there are things one can do to mitigate exposure. Mercola recommended spending time in an infrared sauna which has EMF detoxing benefits, as well as never keeping a mobile phone anywhere on one's body unless it is in airplane mode.



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