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In the first half, occult historian Mitch Horowitz discussed how to remain focused, positive, and effective during the world crisis and pandemic. As we face the coronavirus situation, we have to be careful not to give in to panic, he cautioned, as this is something that can create a "psychological pandemic" of its own. By hoarding or overbuying groceries and supplies, we may be taking away items from people in need, and sending the wrong lessons to our kids, he remarked. We should be practicing solidarity with our neighbors, and grace under pressure, he continued, as well as showing gratitude for those who are assisting others and keeping things running.

Studies have shown that holding positive or hopeful ideations may help fend off illnesses. "Disease arises from a complexity of causes," he noted, and requires a variety of solutions, including medical ones, "but, it would be negligent not to include in that the idea of constructive, decisive thoughts. If you can cultivate hopeful expectancy that absolutely can be a positive factor in recovery." Although we live under many different laws and factors, our own thoughts can be a "seismic force" that helps shape the world around us, Horowitz added.


Renowned psychic/medium and author, Matt Fraser has conducted thousands of readings around the world, reconnecting friends and family with the spirits of those who are no longer with us. In the latter half, he talked about growing up psychic, and explained how he communicates with the spirit world. As a child, his deceased grandmother and other souls tried to reach him, but as he grew older, he pushed these contacts away. Then, as a young man, he went to see a medium who advised him to embrace his psychic gifts, and that he could use a special white light meditation to reignite his abilities. The communications, he said, returned as though they had never left.

It's important to practice "psychic protection," he cited, as this works as a buffer from negativity from both the living and the dead. "The one thing I want to show people," Fraser emphasized, "is that it doesn't matter how your loved ones have passed, they are with you, and they are OK on the Other Side." He's had glimpses of heaven or the afterlife through his contacts with the dead, and compared their realm to a condo building where each soul has their own unique environment within a larger space. When he first senses spirits, he both hears and feels them, and then his whole body becomes engaged in the communication. During the last hour, he gave readings for callers, imparting messages from their departed loved ones.

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