COVID-19 Calls / Mauritius UFOs

Hosted byGeorge Knapp

COVID-19 Calls / Mauritius UFOs

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In the first half, George Knapp took calls from the front lines of COVID-19 with people such as Amazon workers, truck drivers, and those in lockdown in their homes, along with insights from comedian and actor Dave Foley. The Canadian actor said that the situation in Canada was similar to what the US was going through. He is currently based in Los Angeles, where he noted that the Hollywood studios had shut down all current productions. A reboot of his comedy ensemble show, Kids in the Hall, is in the works, he shared, and the group is currently writing new sketches. Jeff, a truck driver calling from Florida, described his safety procedure when using fuel pumps-- he wears rubber gloves and cleans them off with bleach water after refueling.

Rob from Vancouver talked about the problem facing homeless and street people in Vancouver, who may be less able to fend off the virus. Christian, an Amazon worker from Texas, said the company had increased their hourly rate for overtime. "It's crazy how much product we're taking out to customers on a daily basis," he marveled. Duane from Colorado Springs warned about a scam involving groups of people dressed up in Hazmat suits going door-to-door claiming to be from the CDC, but were actually robbers.


JP Hague is the National Director of MUFON in Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation off the coast of Madagascar. In the latter half, he discussed curious anomalies found on the island plus major UFO cases that have occurred there. Hague, an attorney, had his first UFO sighting while living in London, in which a diamond-shaped object "pulsed into reality" and seemed to have a telepathic aspect. While still in the UK, he lived in a haunted house with poltergeist activity and began to believe that some paranormal phenomena was linked to UFO encounters. In October 2018, he had another personal sighting, this time in Mauritius, of a meteorite-like object, which made a seemingly impossible 90-degree turn.

A major sighting in Mauritius, dubbed the 'Tamarin Lights,' took place in August 2010. Comparable in scope to the 1997 'Phoenix Lights' case, a large crescent-shaped craft the size of two football fields was photographed, he detailed. Hague saw something similar himself, describing it as an "enormous eruption of fairy lights," that blinked on and off in a cycle, in July 2015. He also reported on a woman's encounter with a hovering craft outside her cottage. She saw the "circular underbelly" of the ship up close, which her son tried to enter. As she screamed out to him to stop, she caught sight of humanoid alien beings inside the vehicle. The creature's craniums were twice the size of humans, she recalled, and they had exceptionally long and thin arms.

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