Behind the Pandemic / Asteroids & COVID-19

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Behind the Pandemic / Asteroids & COVID-19

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Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport was one of the first journalists to point out the proliferation of fake news in media back in 2001. In the first half, he discussed his investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic, testing, and reporting, and how it compares to previous pandemics. Toxic air pollution in Wuhan, China was a significant problem, he declared, and the new virus was presented as a cover-up for pneumonia cases, which they automatically diagnosed as COVID-19. That led him to suspect, "did they ever really discover a new virus?" he asked, and did the test for the virus really detect an active infectious agent? Further, he learned that the CDC and WHO conceded that a positive coronavirus test result might not indicate the cause of definite disease, and it could show false positives.

Rappoport has come to the disturbing conclusion that the "story" of the novel coronavirus has been used to promote the economic destruction of nations around the world. Many of the reported deaths are associated with sick elderly people, who were diagnosed with COVID-19 without testing or flawed tests, and likely died of other causes, such as pneumonia or flu, he suggested. The motivation for this agenda is about control, he maintained-- an attempt to usher in a new era of technocracy, in which the population will live in a world of wall-to-wall surveillance, mass vaccinations, and engineered environments. He also pointed to the rollout of 5G technology, and toxicity associated with its frequency bands, as a potential cause for "oxygen-deprivation" in patients.


In the latter half, activist, journalist, and filmmaker Shepard Ambellas reported on asteroids, comets, and other objects coming toward Earth. He proposed that the COVID-19 crisis may be a ploy to get the populace prepared for a collision with one of these near-Earth objects. One asteroid, known as 1998 OR2, is due to make its closest pass later this month on April 29, and it's possible that the several mile-wide object could hit the Earth, and cause a tremendous cataclysm, he contended ( reports that we are not in danger from this object).

The blue-green Comet Atlas will be reaching its closest point to Earth in May, which he related to Hopi mythology of the Blue Kachina, and as a possible cover-up for the arrival of Planet Nine or Planet X, because the tail and size of the comet are so large. FEMA camps were built some time ago to prepare for the damage from these inbound objects, Ambellas continued. The pandemic was possibly instigated in order to lock down the world's population, he asserted, and the military will be used to further enforce quarantine efforts. For more, view Ambellas' analysis of worldwide lockdowns.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Mish Shedlock

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