Vaccination Controversies / Apocalyptic Prophecies

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Vaccination Controversies / Apocalyptic Prophecies

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopath medical doctor, board-certified in three specialties. In the first half, she discussed how some US states have been imposing mandatory vaccination for all school-age children and how she predicted the effort could be a precursor to mandatory vaccination for the general public. Now that a vaccine for COVID-19 is reportedly in development, the idea becomes more likely, she offered. Related link. Tenpenny said that children already receive "16 or 17 vaccinations in one" when they receive one shot. She also remarked that the official response to the coronavirus has been an overreaction and that "destroying an economy over a few thousand deaths" is not needed. She cited a statistic that 86% of those with the disease recover with virtually no symptoms.

Tenpenny said that she believes the pandemic is actually "a global test of how far we can push the economy and how far we can push people into compliance" and is directed from "a level that we are not aware of" by those with a "globalist agenda." She contends that there are so many unknowns in regards to testing, tracking, symptoms, and other factors, that the information we're being told about the disease is meaningless. She also warned about the advent of 5G technology, suggesting that it involves a type of radiation which "takes oxygen out of the air" and changes human red blood cells so that they are no longer able to carry oxygen through the body.


In the second half, author, lecturer, and prophecy expert Bill Salus detailed predictions and prophecies of the Bible, which he says have been and are coming to pass. Salus began by stating his view that "we are probably heading into a very severe time that the Bible spoke about," and that prophecy was placed there in order to help us deal with future disrupting events and "to spare lives." As an example, he cited the information given to Noah to protect him and his family from the worldwide flood. Salus continued with his idea that there is "a secular world view, a biblical view, and the prophetic," and that all three need to be utilized when attempting to determine a way forward through difficult times.

He said that the current pandemic "would qualify as the plague that Jesus spoke about," as he described what he saw as the end of civilization. The extreme measures around the coronavirus (which he characterized as "the worst pestilence we have seen since the bubonic place in the Middle Ages") are leading to the one-world government spoken of in the Book of Revelation, as well as a cashless society where all will be tracked and controlled, he added. For the present, Salus believes that "we are currently dealing with pre-tribulation prophecies," and the Biblical prophecies are unfolding before us.

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