Making Peaceful Contact/ E.T. and Physics

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Making Peaceful Contact/ E.T. and Physics

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In the first half of the show, guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) welcomed Dr. Steven Greer for a discussion on his new documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (trailer). The film suggests if only one percent of the world's population utilized CE5 protocols to meditate about peaceful contact with extraterrestrials, it would cause a phase transition shift transforming the planet and moving humanity onto an interstellar future. "It's the Rosetta stone of interstellar communication using consciousness, remote viewing, and techniques that link up to interstellar communication systems," Greer said.

The documentary connects the dots about the reality of the UFO issue and the evidence, as well as expanding how to move beyond the secrecy surrounding this issue by unacknowledged special access/super black projects, he continued. "We're going to bypass the government and we're going to make contact directly because that is what [the ETs] are waiting for," he noted. According to Greer, scientific studies have shown a small group of meditating individuals can raise the level of coherence for an entire population. If one percent of people on Earth utilized CE5 protocols to make contact, negative indicators would be reduced and an enormous positive shift would occur, Greer explained. "If humans learn to go into this quiet state of meditation, and intend, and invite these civilizations to interact, they do," he added.


During the second half of the program, Deep Prasad, physicist and CEO of startup tech company ReactiveQ, talked about extraterrestrials, consciousness, and his own contact experiences. Prasad admitted his ET encounter could have been sleep paralysis or hallucinations, but he believes he was awake as it occurred during his morning routine around 9:40 AM. He recalled being unable to move and seeing what he described as a synthetic alien with pale skin and large almond-shaped eyes. "I determined this is as real as it gets... it was a lot scarier, and different, and more mentally intense than I could have ever expected it to be," Prasad said.

He covered a variety of scientific concepts, including the idea of an infinite universe, probability versus possibility, and how quantum entanglement could one day be used for instantaneous communication with alien civilizations. "Now we know that information can travel faster than the speed of light [via quantum entanglement]," Prasad revealed. He also pointed out some of the issues with the Big Bang theory, noting how things do not add up if it is looked at as a one-time event and before which there was not space and time. "It doesn't seem probable at all that there has only been one [Big Bang]," he suggested.

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