The Hemp Industry / Staying Positive

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The Hemp Industry / Staying Positive

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Doug Fine is a solar-powered goat herder, comedic investigative journalist, and pioneering voice in cannabis/hemp and regenerative farming. In the first half, he discussed how hemp, the non-psychoactive variant of cannabis (or marijuana) and one of humanity's oldest plant allies, has quietly become the fastest industry ever to generate a billion dollars of annual revenue in North America. Hemp is an extremely versatile material and can even be used in plastic components like automotive floor panels, he enthused. In terms of the new hemp economy, he cautioned against the "gold rush market" of CBD. While the therapeutic substance has garnered much recognition and popularity, farmers should look toward longer-term outlets, diversification, and marketing their own products, he advised.

Hemp is considered a superfood, he reported, and has a natural balance of omega 6, 9, and 3. It's also high in minerals like magnesium, and a source for the protein building block, GLA, which is associated with anti-inflammatory properties. A colleague of Fine's has found that hemp may have anti-obesity effects, inhibiting the enlargement of lipid cells. Fine, who grows hemp himself, says it's particularly tasty in things like shakes and yogurt. Hemp seed, he added, is also being studied as an effective way to clean up contaminated soil and environments.


Author Eldon Taylor is an authority in the area of preconscious information processing and has served as an expert trial witness with regards to both subliminal communication and hypnosis. In the latter half, he shared his thoughts on the COVID-19 quarantine, and techniques individuals can use to stay positive and plan for the future. Perceived as a threat, coronavirus can trigger some of our more primitive feelings, as well as anxiety and depression. During this health crisis and our increased confinement, it's important to find ways to remain hopeful and avoid helplessness, he stated.

The heightened sense of arousal by the unseen nature of the disease combined with feelings of helplessness can cause negative mental states and perhaps weaken our immune system, he explained. But if we realize that it's our perceptions that create the angst within, we can rewrite this progam, he continued. In a time like this, we have to stop "future thinking," and just live one day at a time, said Taylor. Make yourself a master plan for the day given the circumstances, he suggested, and find activities for improvement, like online education, rather than watching news channels all the time. For a limited time, Taylor is making his mp3 recording of affirmations, "Optimism Plus," free to listeners (the price zeroes out when you add it to the cart).

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Dr. Peter Breggin

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